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`Clean repeal'
April 1st, 2013

The state Senate Ways and Means Committee on Monday approved a bill to repeal the law that created the Public Land Development Corp.

Sen. David Ige, the committee's chairman, said the bill will be amended to strip out a provision that would have transferred three PLDC staffers to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources. The provision caused contention at an earlier Senate hearing on the bill after PLDC opponents said it might force the bill to go to House-Senate conference committee, delaying a repeal.

Ige said the amended bill is a "clean repeal," but does have differences with the House version over how money in special funds will be handed. The House, however, could accept the Senate changes and avoid conference committee.

Asked whether the PLDC repeal bill would go to conference, Ige said: "I hope not."

4 Responses to “`Clean repeal'”

  1. Kolea:

    It was smart of the Senate leaders to join in the consensus opinion that the PLDC had to disappear from public awareness as soon as possible. Why Malama Solomon and Donovan Delacruz were ever allowed to gain as much power as they have for mischief-making is beyond me.

    Not that there are not other senators up to no good. But once the PLDC scam came to the public's attention, it became imperative to re-assure the awakened public and lull us back to sleep with a calm soothing voice, "You can trust the politicians. You can trust the politicians...."

    Through their stubbornness and bad manners, Solomon and Delacruz have threatened the game. Time for them to go, replaced by Smooth Operators.

  2. Lorraine Inouye:


    Lorraine Inouye

  3. sue yong:

    Thank god!

  4. Especially Incognito:

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