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May 1st, 2013

State House leaders are expected to announce four new leadership positions in a resolution on Thursday, the last day of session.

Rep. Derek Kawakami, Rep. Ty Cullen, Rep. Henry Aquino and Rep. Ryan Yamane would join the House leadership team.

Kawakami and Cullen would be assistant majority leaders, Aquino would be policy leader, and Yamane would be majority whip.

Sources described the move as an olive branch to the four lawmakers, who have been loyal to the faction of 18 Democrats behind former House Speaker Calvin Say and Rep. Marcus Oshiro.

The offer was not contingent on the four joining House Speaker Joseph Souki's leadership coalition, which includes 26 Democrats -- a bare majority in the 51-member House -- and seven minority Republicans.

But sources did say that it would give the appearance that the Souki coalition is getting stronger, not weaker.

House Majority Leader Scott Saiki said Wednesday evening that the coalition intends to honor its commitment to minority Republicans through next session. Republicans enjoy three committee vice chairmanships in their partnership with Democrats.

A source familiar with the leadership divide suggested that the moves may be more about the four lawmakers trying to get better financial treatment for their staffs than about reorganization.

*Update: The House approved the resolution on Thursday. Lawmakers also adopted a separate resolution that gave Say and Oshiro committee assignments. Both men had not sought committee assignments after the new coalition took over.

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