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May 20th, 2013

Gov. Neil Abercrombie declined to provide details of which bills he might veto, when asked after a news conference related to new traffic enforcement laws.

When asked by reporters if he knew how many bills would be on his veto list, Abercrombie said no, adding:

I review all the bills as a whole and then try to work toward those that I think we can take care of as quickly as possible. I intend to work in rapid order. The Legislature deserves to have the opportunity to take a look – if a veto occurs.

I’ll get to it shortly, in regular order.

The governor has until July 9 to veto any bills sent him by the Legislature. But he must notify lawmakers by June 24 of which bills me might consider for veto. All other measures are expected to be signed or would go into law without the govenror's signature.

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