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House JUD
July 2nd, 2013

An initial survey of members of the state House Judiciary Committee shows there is support for same-sex marriage.

The committee would have jurisdiction over a gay marriage bill. A similar survey of the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee also found support for the idea.

Here is the House Judiciary breakdown:

Yes (8)

Rep. Karl Rhoads, chairman
Rep. Della Au Belatti
Rep. Tom Brower
Rep. Mele Carroll
Rep. Derek Kawakami
Rep. Chris Lee
Rep. Jessica Wooley
Rep. Cynthia Thielen

No (3)

Rep. Sharon Har, vice chairwoman
Rep. Rida Cabanilla
Rep. Bob McDermott

Undecided (2)

Rep. Ken Ito
Rep. Clift Tsuji

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  1. Goober:

    Don't ask and don't tell.
    Gay judges?

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