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August 15th, 2013

The Hawaii Republican Assembly has taken a swipe at bipartisanship in a recent missive to conservatives.

The splinter group's message is that the new bipartisan coalition in the state House is overrated. Progressive Democrats and minority Republicans formed the coalition with veteran House Speaker Joseph Souki to topple longtime Rep. Calvin Say from power.

From HIRA:

But despite Republican losses and (former Gov. Linda) Lingle's disastrous 25% loss to Mazie Hirono, the intense desire to appear 'bipartisan' and to 'work across party lines' continues with those who are currently sitting in the state house. Based on their unanimous support for a massive increase in the state's budget, this new mix of GOP legislators serving in the State House have found a way to embrace government bloat and waste as long as they can get funding for their districts and a handful of inane vice-chair positions on a few committees.

While Democrat House Speaker Joe Souki is probably very proud of Rep. Aaron Ling Johanson's House Republican Caucus for proclaiming the new state budget as "fiscally conservative", it strains credulity to call a $2 billion increase anything but wasteful, reckless and fiscally irresponsible, especially with the incredible amount of debt the state carries.

6 Responses to “Costly”

  1. Kolea:

    There's more than one irony at work here. The coalition between the Souki-Luke faction and the House Republicans may lead to a better image for Republicans among voters. It has already led to an increased share of the Capital Improvement Budget for the Republican districts. Both of which may lead to the election, and re-election, of more Republicans. All of which upsets the Hawaii Republican Assembly ideologues who want the GOP locally to follow the strategy of the congressional lRepublicans, accomplish nothing, but spout off red-meat rhetoric. A strategy which would lead to more local GOP defeats.

    Within the Democratic Party organization, there are some party functionaries who are also upset at the coalition with the state House Republicans. Many of these people are the same ones who are pushing for a closed primary, with the hope it will lead to the defeat of so-called "DINOs" in primaries which exclude Republican crossover voters. A closed primary MAY lead to the defection (or defeat) of a few Democratic elected officials. It might also cause more independent voters to drift into the Republican primary, leading to the election of more moderate Republicans and give a slight increase to their numbers, leading to a more competitive, "two-party" system than currently exists under the open primary.

    I guess the HRA folks prefer being pure and defeated, rather than victorious and partially responsible for actually solving our problems.

  2. Auto de Fe:

    The irony is that this comes on the same day that a bi-partisan anti-Rail lawsuit was heard.

  3. Goober:

    Tea party should be separate and not
    be associated with republican GOP.

  4. Hmmmm:

    There are plenty of republicans in the legislature, they simply call themselves democrats. Look no further than those who are pressing conservative positions, such as opposition to gay marriage, having a prayer meeting at the Capitol, years of blocking emergency contraception for women. Some of them are in the leadership posts which may possibly further delay real action on these and other issues. It would be helpful if the parties or press called them out directly.

  5. Kolea:


    How would it " be helpful if the parties or press would call them out" on it? Why should the press criticize office holders for deviating from their party's positions? I don't understand how it is the press's job. And when you say the "parties" plural should call out conservative Dems, I gotta wonder if you have really thought this through.

    What is left of your suggestion is that the Democratic Party should go after their office holders. We just went through that with the Golojuch complaints. It tied up a lot of time and energy, created serious strains within the party and with the electeds, and was making the party look like it had been hijacked by militant social liberals, more interested in punishing their enemies than in persuading people.

    Are you really recommending yet more of that? Because the vote in the Oahu leadership group last week was more than two to one AGAINST that approach.

    But maybe you are recommending something more productive?

  6. Goober:

    More DINOS.

    gays don't need contraception to
    keep from getting pregnant. They need
    contraception from getting AIDS.

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