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August 26th, 2013

The Hawaii Republican Party on Monday issued a statement urging Gov. Neil Abercrombie not to call a special session on gay marriage.

The state Senate's lone Republican -- Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom -- and six of the seven Republicans in the state House have said they oppose gay marriage. Rep. Cynthia Thielen is the only Republican in the Legislature to support marriage equality.

From the GOP:

Governor Abercrombie’s focus on calling a special session of the legislature to pass a same sex marriage law is misplaced. Rushing this legislation, which is important to people on both sides of the issue, can do no good for our state.

Forcing this heated issue through an abbreviated session will only stifle public input which should be the most important part of the legislative process. Governor Abercrombie should be welcoming, not suppressing, the voice of the public on this issue.

If Governor Abercrombie wants his bill to be heard, he should wait until the regular session when all others will have the time and opportunity to put forth their own ideas.

10 Responses to “`Misplaced'”

  1. Kolea:

    "Rushing this legislation"? Seriously? The state has been debating this matter since three same sex couples applied for marriage licenses nearly 20 years ago. I doubt any issue in the history of the Hawaii legislature has received more hours of testimony than the matter of equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. And the Republican legislators, with the exceptions of Cynthia Thielen and ex-legislator Barbara Marumoto, have been on the losing side, the side advocating continued prejudice and discrimination.

    Quick. One Republican offer a new argument, here on this blog, so we can judge the quality of the things they think need to be heard for the umpteenth time. Talk about wanting to waste time and money. Sheesh!

  2. Auto de Fe:

    Just wait until we see the "prejudice and discrimination" that is about to be directed at churches and nuclear families who refuse to bow to the new order. Golojuch and Kahle are just the warmup act.

  3. Eric Ryan:

    Wow, the Hawaii Republican Party is really playing it right down the middle with its "people on both sides" wet-finger-in-the-breeze approach. The social conservatives who organized to takeover the party and install their "Ohana" leadership from 2009 to the present day are getting NOTHING in return for their political labors. Looks like the House Republican incumbents are being equally silent. Neither the GOP organization nor the Lingle, Aiona or Djou campaign organizations are being mobilized to do anything except sit on the sidelines. Sounds like Joe Souki is getting to run the Hawaii Republican Party in exchange for giving meaningless vice-chairmanships to a few House Republicans. The party of David Chang and Jonah Kaauwai seems to be signalling that it's time for gays and lesbians and bisexuals to ring those wedding bells.

  4. Kolea:

    Eric, someday we should sit down and explore your longterm fascination with what other people are doing with their genitalia. It is really not healthy, your fixation.

    But sidestepping your personal mental health issues and turning to the politics of the matter, what do you prose the GOP do in response to the looming threat of marriage equality? Apparently, you want an open denunciation of the entire concept. Since you aspire to be a Master Strategist for the local GOP, a role your fellow Republicans have been reluctant to assign to you for some reason, I approach the task of advising you on the best interests of your party with some uncharacteristic humility. Nonetheless, here I go.

    The GOP Minority Caucus is smart to avoid the role you would assign them. Hawaii voters, outside of a few subcultures, are not eager to reward the "red meat" social conservative ranting too common on the Mainland, in either the Christian fundamentalist form or in the Tea Party efforts. As a Democrat, I am torn between my civic duty, which tells me to encourage GOP moderation, since it leads to more cooperation and less time wasted on fighting ideological excesses. I actually believe Hawaii will benefit from having a healthier two-party system. And the Republican Party will not grow by following your prescription that it indulge its atavistic, reactionary urges, not matter how satisfying they may be for you isolated ideologues.

    The Democrat in me is tempted to hope the local GOP does follow your instincts, throws out the moderate leadership of Aaron Johanson and puts a more fanatic conservative in control and rallies the troops for one last battle against the secular humanist agenda of human equality. You would get you okoles kicked on that battlefield. the GOP House leadership knows it. Auto de Fe knows it. An I suspect you know it, too. But I guess some people can only get satisfaction in defeat for a "righteous cause" as they are totally ineffective in attaining the satisfaction of victory.

    Despite my temptation to cheer on you and your ilk to drag the local GOP to the hard right, I recognize it is also in the interest of the Democratic Party that we have a sane adversary with whom to debate, to provide us with an alternative view, independent from some of the considerations which may hobble independent voices within the Democratic legislators. I expect the moderate path may lead to the re-election of more of your incumbent legislators. It might even lead to the election of a few more GOP challengers, who will benefit from the GOP "brand" no longer being identified in the voter's mind as a "rightwing nut."

    We do share some things. I prefer there are fewer, but better Democratic legislators. We do not need to so completely dominate the legislature in order to pass legislation which reflects Democratic values. Better we give up a few seats, but retain a majority, with more of them holding actual Democratic values.

    You would rather there be fewer Republicans in office, but want those in office to be more ideologically Republican. Forgive me for pointing out that leftwing Democrats like myself have the luxury of having too many legislators, so we can sacrifice a few in our effort to have "better Democrats"in the Big Square Building. You rightwing Democrats face a different challenge and need to pursue a different strategy.

    But heck, I had said I would be humble. So I will leave it to you and Auto de Fe to decide between yourselves. But I got my fingers crossed that you guys continue to lose out in the internal GOP strategic debates. For the good of the GOP AND the Democrats AND the general public who deserves a well-functioning Legislature.

  5. Kolea:

    Sorry, Eric, I obviously mistyped towards the end of post #4. I meant to refer to you and your followers as "rightwing Republicans," not Democrats.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  6. Goober:

    "In you". Which end?

    The GOP is no longer but an empty bag.
    Tea has been thrown out.
    GOP or republicans are the burger kings.
    They want it their way, and their way only.

    Those should not worry about what is here
    but where they will end up when they die.
    Dead men tell no tales and gays who died
    in the past are not mentioned that they went to heaven.
    Being democrat or republican, as if God cares.

  7. Eric Ryan:

    Kolea seems to be more fascinated with and fixated on genitalia than anyone who writes comments here. Is Kolea's anonymity getting in the way of turning DePledge's blog into a 'bicurious' personal ad space? Maybe you should use your real name (and your photo) and you'll get more responses. As for giving political advice, Democrats ALWAYS want Republicans to sell moderation (i.e. doing most of what Democrats wants). That's hardly original advice coming from someone afraid to post using his/her own name.

  8. Especially Incognito:

    One should learn the meaning of conservative and liberal.
    Hawaii has Aloha which means they are liberal who
    are willing to help others unless they are without breath
    who care only about themselves, thus becoming conservative.

    It happens to those who don't know how to think straight.

  9. Eric Ryan:

    Especially ignorant, you mean. And too fearful of using your name.

  10. Especially Incognito:

    I find commenting entertaining.
    Seems that one is getting irritated.
    Game won.

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