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October 1st, 2013

Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who met with credit rating agencies on the mainland before a vacation with his wife to Paris, warned on Tuesday that the federal government shutdown could compromise the gains Hawaii has made over the past few years to emerge from the recession.

From the governor:

The State of Hawaii cannot substitute for the federal government nor assume its obligations. However, with the report from the Sequestration Impact Response Team in hand, resources funded this past legislative session, and the readiness of all departments in the administration to respond to the shutdown, we are confident in our ability to address immediate contingencies. It is the clear responsibility of Congress to end the shutdown as quickly as possible and to meet continuously until that is accomplished.

5 Responses to “Credit”

  1. Sayer:

    There has to be some compromise for this to be solved...

  2. Manoak:

    There can be no compromise with the radicals leading the Republicans over the cliff.

  3. Especially Incognito:

    There is, if the lemmings jump and those few
    prior to jumping have set a safety net.

  4. Auto de Fe:

    Is Paris, France at the bottom of the cliff? That's where Neil leapt to.

  5. Goober:

    Better off the cliff and into a net
    than into Dante's Inferno.

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