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October 9th, 2013

The state Campaign Spending Commission agreed Wednesday to assess a $1,000 fine on Progressive Hawaii Now for failing to keep records, bringing the total fine imposed on the group for campaign-finance violations to $3,300.

The commission had voted in September to assess $2,300 in fines for failure to timely file campaign-finance reports, an excess contribution, a false report, unauthorized campaign spending, and failure to amend an organizational report.

The committee, led by Kory Payne, an advocate for public financing of elections, only reported receiving a few thousand dollars and was not a major player in any political campaign.

The commission imposed the additional fine Wednesday after Payne did not respond to requests for more records.

*Update: Payne said he and other advocates believe money in politics is the biggest problem. He said lawmakers had not responded to citizens, so he thought lawmakers might respond to a political action committee.

"So we experimented with a PAC," Payne said. "And there was no staff, it was all volunteer. And we basically messed up the financial reporting, even though none of the funds were misused."

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  1. innocent observer:


  2. hossana:

    Hey, what about Rep. Awana for her repeated campaign violations. I think its time for her to retire and stop making excuses...I repeat, STOP MAKING EXCUSES, for her continuous infractions as it shows she is not qualified to be a representative of ANY district.....Sick of her colleagues trying to support her ......just sickening with these local legislators!!!

  3. Auto de Fe:

    History Repeats itself:

    June 2008: Clean Elections Activist nailed by Campaign Spending Commission


  4. Especially Incognito:

    "special" case repeats itself.
    Copy and paste is not an original opinion.
    I think you call that plagiarism and done
    by a plagiarist.

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