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No show

October 21st, 2013

State Rep. Bob McDermott and state Rep. Gene Ward will host an informational briefing at the state Capitol Wednesday night on gay marriage, but a plan to have Neighbor Island hearings has been cancelled.

An aide to Ward had sent out an email last week to all House lawmakers outlining a briefing schedule and listing the participants as McDermott, Ward, Rep. Richard Fale, Rep. Marcus Oshiro and Rep. Sharon Har. McDermott, Ward and Fale are Republicans. Oshiro and Har are Democrats.

Sources say privately that House leaders were not pleased about the lawmakers swooping into other lawmakers' districts for informational briefings on such a controversial topic.

"After that email went out, all hell broke loose." McDermott said, adding that the "bipartisan nature created a great deal of consternation."

The informational briefing on Wednesday will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the state Capitol, Room 329.

9 Responses to “No show”

  1. Eric Ryan:

    While it may be true that "all hell broke loose", it still comes down to whether or not the five state house members had enough courage to go through with their original plan or if they simply chickened out in the wake of the "consternation". It never ceases to amaze me how many pussies there are working in Hawaii politics.

  2. ohiaforest3400:

    Oh, goodie, a new dog and pony show, hosted only by Bubba Mc Dermott and Preen Ward. Which one is the dog and which one is the pony?

  3. Peter Easterling:

    Please reconsider not visiting Puna. I am sure you will attract upwards of 3 or 4 people who support Republicans preaching intolerance. Real popular here.

  4. Kolea:

    Let me suggest the Traveling Homophobic Road Show did not fall apart merely because "House leaders were not pleased." SInce when do the preferences of "House leaders" determine the actions of Har, Oshiro, Fale, Ward and McDermott. Except, of course, in the juvenile way adolescents are more likely to "act out" in order to test their limits?

    Let me suggest the success of their Road Show depended upon a range of factors which failed to come together. Very few of their colleagues were willing to join the effort. In fact, I suggest the number willing might approach 1 or two. Second, credible supporters of the marriage equality bill saw this for what it is, a fake, "populist" opportunity to arouse emotions against the bill without actually providing useful information. We have seen how empty the "arguments" of gay marriage equality truly are on this, and other, online forums: Leviticus, "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," Sodom, Gomorrah, Fall of Rome, "For the Sake of the Children" and, "It just feels Icky."

    So no credible equality supporters would agree to be panelists and validate this effort.

    Once its reactionary nature became clear, even some of the original participants became reluctant to be so openly identified with unreason. For all their faults, I do not see how Oshiro and Har would have benefitted from being caught in bed with those kind of arguments. Plotting behind closed doors, OK. But not on-stage. Not on-camera.

    So the Road Tour was a flop. I believe one such event MIGHT have been held at Kalani School. It was apparently scheduled and announced. Was it ever held? Did anyone attend? I know the rep from the area, despite being a friend of Oshiro, did not show up.

    But I can understand how SOME "sources" might "say privately" want to attribute the failure of the "no show" to "House leaders" instead of the dumbness of the original idea.

    Bob McDermott's comment that "House leaders" might be upset by the "bi-partisan" nature of this motley ad hoc coalition is laughable, given the House leadership is explicitly based upon an alliance of Democrats and Republicans. But, yeah. That's the problem, Bob. You are just too "bi-partisan" for the House leaders to accept. Keep telling yourself that.

  5. Eric Ryan:

    What's keeping McDermott's current chief of staff, Mufi Hannemann's own former operative Keith Rollman, SO LONG to create another fake online identity so he can come on here and defend the indefensible??

  6. Keith Rollman:

    No thanks, Eric. I'll let you defend yourself.

  7. Eric Ryan:

    Good to know that certain state capitol employees have work time available to use their government computers at their government offices for political tasks like they did when working for Mufi at Honolulu Hale.

  8. Especially Incognito:

    It babels, makes it reason to fall.

    More special meeting for special cases.
    Equality is when one is treated equal
    but not treated special unless they are dumb.
    Unable to talk and hear. They babel long winded.

  9. Especially Incognito:

    A more important issue is the debt ceiling
    and it worries about equality.

    "The superior man is satisfied and composed;
    the mean man is always full of distress."

    It is not a man but still a scout in distress.

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