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20 to 4

October 30th, 2013

The state Senate voted 20 to 4 on Wednesday to approve a marriage equality bill, sending the bill over to the state House for consideration.

Here is the roll call:

YES (20)

Baker (D)
Chun Oakland (D)
Dela Cruz (D)
English (D)
Espero (D)
Galuteria (D)
Green (D)
Hee (D)
Ige (D)
Ihara, Jr. (D)
Kahele (D)
Keith-Agaran (D)
Kidani (D)
Nishihara (D)
Ruderman (D)
Shimabukuro (D)
Solomon (D)
Taniguchi (D)
Thielen (D)
Tokuda (D)

NO (4)

Gabbard (D)
Kouchi (D)
Slom (R)
Mercado Kim (D)


Wakai (D)*

*Sen. Glenn Wakai missed the vote because his mother passed away. Wakai had previously said he supports marriage equality.

13 Responses to “20 to 4”

  1. hossana:

    To Gabbard, Kouchi, Slom and Mercado Kim....thank you for your Profile in Courage in voting against the same-sex bill...I know it took a lot of courage to go against the grain but you have shown tremendous character in standing for your values......thank you for being who you are...

  2. Kaleo K.:

    Yes! There are thousands and thousands of us who extend a THANK YOU to Gabbard, Kouchi, Slom and Mercado Kim! You are truly acting on behalf of your voting constituents who overwhelmingly are in opposition to this bill, and not on behalf of yourself and whatever political pressures you are feeling. We voted you in to be a voice of the majority, so thank you for doing just that.

    Remember my fellow voters, let our voices be heard in the voting booths since it surely wasn't this week!


  3. Johnson:

    And there are many more thousands who thank the 20 Senators who voted today for equal rights. Imua!

  4. 51butterflies:

    Mahalo to the courageous 4 who voted as God intended. To the 20 others, you will never get my vote for any election

  5. Kolea:

    How much courage does it take to defend the continued oppression of a minority? Sorry, even if public opinion is moving towards acceptance of gay and lesbian equality, these legislators grew up during a time when extreme prejudice was not only acceptable, it was widely enforce. So their continued adherence to anti-gay views takes no "courage." They lack the courage to confront their own prejudices, to re-invent themselves, improving themselves by accepting as equal a large portion of their fellow human beings.

  6. Hani Girl:

    I can't figure out why you think by twisting things around to suit yourself, you condemn those who can see the lie, and identify it as such, as lacking courage . Same-sex marriage is not possible. If you want equality and receive "marital benefits", then change those laws that hinders that objective. Eliminate the obstacles through legislation, or draw up a contract to specify that your wishes are recognized and respected. But to bulldoze the sacred institution that has been around since Adam & Eve, demonstrates the same "extreme prejudice" against such a marriage. You mock that establishment of marriage as the cause of your "oppression" and discrimination, yet you want to be part of it when you know your "marriage" is a fraud. I don't get it. Black is black, not white and brown is brown, not green. These four people are trying to show you that, but you're just ignoring the truth.

  7. Rnc404:

    Courage is standing for your RIGHTS when they are perceived as none. Fighting for your beliefs is the foundation of all humanity regardless of issue. Kudos to equality and justice and may it persevere! Heed to those that are struggling with change, and pray to God that your offsprings are not what you so despise.

  8. servante:

    Members of the House I want you to consider this thought before you cast your vote:
    To all those that believe in God and the Bible, when your days are up on this earth and you stand before the all mighty, he will not care about all the money you gave to charity or your political or business successes that you contributed to this world; nor will he care about the number of times you went to church, your countless prayers, and all the sacrifices you made. What he will remember is did you love Jesus by supporting him and siding with him during this important decision for mankind. Because if you say that you love God as you love your wife, or children, can you abandon him now when he is asking you for your help? Do you really love him? Do you understand the eternal consequences of your vote? Jesus is asking you to support him in voting against same sex marriage.

  9. Dennis:

    Profile in courage to discriminate against people because of who they love? Your parents must have taught you a different definition of "courage" than mine. Right on, Kolea!

  10. Mr. T:

    Because of what Bush did, many people voted for Obama. If this bill is passed, Democrats will lose A LOT of votes.

  11. Especially Incognito:

    I am not a number. Conservatives put a number on me as 99% or 1%.
    Democrats will not lose to those who care only about the 1%.
    I want to vote for either party and hope I voted for the best candidate.

    In Hawaii, those without breath are a minority.
    Gay or straight, they are a minority by color.

    I see no courage in being contrary. Bully for those.
    Seems it cannot tolerate so they want "special" treatment.
    Equality is to tolerate both sides.

  12. zzzzzz:

    Folks like Ed Case and Mazie Hirono showed courage in opposing the constitutional amendment back in 1998.

  13. Especially Incognito:

    Seems rip van winkle just woke up.

    Senator Inouye was around then but not
    now. He was a major reason what it was
    and is not now. Case? Seems he is no longer
    a player in congress.

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