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November 4th, 2013

The actual number of people who have signed up to testify on a marriage equality bill in the state House is 5,184.

House aides had initially told the news media early Friday that the number was 5,181 -- and that number has been frequently cited in news accounts.

One Response to “*5,184”

  1. Especially Incognito:

    Propponents have the Freedom of Speech.
    Unless they plan their speeches in a group,
    Repeat assumptions will occur. Each is
    an individual and by coincidence they repeat
    is not the crime. Since they also have the courage
    to speak their mind in public, let them vote.
    All 5,184 speakers, each have one vote for or against.

    The crime is that
    legislature should at the same time take a vote
    from each speaker to determine the majority.
    Basing a poll on this, they can either let the whole
    public vote and have a "special" election
    or they as the legislature vote in meeting
    and then let the Governor sign, for or against.

    "Till Death do you part". I do or I don't.

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