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30 to 18

November 6th, 2013

The state House voted 30 to 18 on Wednesday night to advance a marriage equality bill. A final vote is expected on Friday. Here is the roll call:

YES (30)

Rep. Della Au Belatti (D)
Rep. Tom Brower (D)
Rep. Denny Coffman (D)
Rep. Cindy Evans (D)
Rep. Faye Hanohano (D)
Rep. Mark Hashem (D)
Rep. Linda Ichiyama (D)
Rep. Kaniela Ing (D)
Rep. Derek Kawakami (D)
Rep. Bert Kobayashi (D)
Rep. Chris Lee (D)
Rep. Nicole Lowen (D)
Rep. Sylvia Luke (D)
Rep. Angus McKelvey (D)
Rep. John Mizuno (D)
Rep. Dee Morikawa (D)
Rep. Mark Nakashima (D)
Rep. Scott Nishimoto (D)
Rep. Takashi Ohno (D)
Rep. Richard Onishi (D)
Rep. Karl Rhoads (D)
Rep. Scott Saiki (D)
Rep. Calvin Say (D)
Rep. K. Mark Takai (D)
Rep. Gregg Takayama (D)
Rep. Roy Takumi (D)
Rep. Cynthia Thielen (R)
Rep. Jessica Wooley (D)
Rep. Kyle Yamashita (D)
Speaker Joseph Souki (D)

NO (18)

Rep. Henry Aquino (D)
Rep. Karen Awana (D)
Rep. Mele Carroll (D)
Rep. Lauren Cheape Matsumoto (R)
Rep. Ty Cullen (D)
Rep. Richard Fale (R)
Rep. Beth Fukumoto (R)
Rep. Sharon Har (D)
Rep. Ken Ito (D)
Rep. Aaron Ling Johanson (R)
Rep. Jo Jordan (D)
Rep. Bob McDermott (R)
Rep. Marcus Oshiro (D)
Rep. James Tokioka (D)
Rep. Clift Tsuji (D)
Rep. Gene Ward (R)
Rep. Justin Woodson (D)
Rep. Ryan Yamane (D)


Rep. Rida Cabanilla (D)
Rep. Romy Cachola (D)
Rep. Isaac Choy (D)

20 Responses to “30 to 18”

  1. sue yong:

    M A H A L O ! Derrick DePledge! Exactly what I was going to look up!

  2. Eric Ryan:

    Wow, the wild claims and misinformation by Hochberg and Fale to conservatives that only a few legislators needed to be targeted were way off. This was a landslide. Many of the majority politicians are probably out of touch with their constituents. But the vote is what matters. No wonder the strategic decision to go for a filibuster, since the vote was never as close as Hochberg and Fale told their 'coalition' partners. But if the goal of the 'filibuster' was to run out the original 5-day clock with testimony and chanting, the clock simply got extended by the majority leadership. Strategy easily neutralized. "Let the people decide" was like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Too subtle a message and too late to reverse 15 years of pro-gay/lesbian lobbying and cultural influence. Hawaii Family Advocates and allies waited to long to "advocate". 30 to 18 in the house. 20 to 4 in the senate. That's the price of neglect and procrastination.

  3. Mr. T:

    Representatives, yesterday, we were outside, yelling at the top of our voice, and you ignored us. On Election Day, do not ask us to vote for you. We will ignore you!

  4. Especially Incognito:

    Seems when those yelling were not heard,
    it would only mean they had nothing to say
    to be heard. When anyone yells, I stop listening.
    I ignore them. You want to be heard, speak softly
    and carry a big stick.

  5. Kolea:

    My thanks to Speaker Say, who having supported his friend, Marcus Oshiro, throughout the debate, in the end voted to put this divisive stage behind us and move on. Towards democracy, towards equality.

    Mahalo, Speaker Say. Both for supporting your friend--I get personal loyalty--and for choosing to embrace the larger ohana.

    You are a statesman.

  6. Howard:

    This is an important issue. Why is my representative (I did not vote for him!), Isaac Choy, excused?

  7. Nala007:

    I wish to have Kolea's words read into the record as my own! Mahalo Kolea.

  8. Especially Incognito:


  9. Especially Incognito:

    Pay for both parties and get one
    party just a waste of time and
    they should be all fired.

  10. marilynlee:

    Thanks Cal, Knew you would do the right thing,Marilyn

  11. ohiaforest3400:

    #7, Howard, Isaac Choy is also my Rep. and I think he was excused because, while he is opposed and has made no secret of it, he could not stand the antics of the other opponents, especially the Dems in the Calvin Say camp of which he is a member. I refer specifically to the newly-converted-to-transparency-and-accountability-now-that-the-shoe-is-on-the-other-foot Marcus Oshiro and the shrill-and-completely-over-the-top ("totalitarian"?) Sharon Har.

    I don't agree with his position and I think he should stand up and be counted here but he is straightforward and low-key about his personal reasons for opposing the bill and is not a self-aggrandizing jerk who exploits that opposition for political gain like Richard Fale who thinks that issues should be decided not based on facts and values but on who shouts the loudest and throws the biggest tantrum. Seriously, his whining that the system is broken if it doesn't capitulate to the mob could be said about every bill, on which there is always a winner and a loser, to a greater or lesser degree.

    And where will those people be when it comes to legislation on education, the environment, the economy, and other pressing issues? They'll be missing in action because Fale has convinced them that if they don't get their way, the system is a failure so they should just go pout in a corner.

  12. Christina Lim:

    No SB1

  13. Waianae:

    Hi five for Karen Awana, Beth Fukumoto, Aaron Ling Johanson, and Gene Ward, you voted with your constituency! You are true representatives in my book. In fact, for all who voted "no!" You are the rue statesmen and stateswomen. Fearless! That is the kind of representative I would vote for! I would tell all my friends to vote for!

  14. kim kawahara:

    Dear Governor,
    I hope to send you, Governor Abercrombie, such a letter as follows below once
    SB1 has been completely revised! Please restore ALL peoples confidence in you
    to do the right thing for ALL people involved. Restore peace to these islands.

    I wish I could send this note of thanks to all who are involved with the
    decision making process on SB1. But only a few have shown great
    courage and concern for how this bill would affect our island way of life, our
    families, culture, businesses, religious freedoms, and our children. THANK YOU for NOT accepting this bill as it was originally written and continuing
    to modify it to benefit all. Please continue to revise this bill carefully to protect our children, business and individuals while giving equal benefits to same sex couples.
    I want to thank those of you who voted "NO" for respecting the people of Hawaii and not rushing to vote "yes" and accept this bill as is. I am sure this has not been an easy decision for you as you continue to be pushed from those in leadership above you. You have earned my deepest respect for being a leaders with integrity and conviction to do the right thing for "all" people of Hawaii. Thank you for restoring some confidence in some leadership at our state capital. I wish we had more representatives with the back bone, conviction and a sense of duty to the people as you have shown by voting no. Continue to please fight for what is right, take
    your time and do not give into pressure to those who have only their own
    personal or political benefits in mind. There can be peace, protection and
    benefits for all~~~~~but it takes time!

    Mahalo< Kim

  15. Gil Keith-Agaran:

    #7 Howard, #11 Ohia: Actually, Isaac is away from the State on a family trip that was planned way before the Governor set the date for this Special Session. If he was in Hawaii, I'm pretty sure Isaac would come and vote, and Ohia is correct about Isaac's vote.

  16. Jim C:

    Opponents of SB1 were pre-destined to lose.
    Most opponents are Christian-based; most non-Christians are either agnostic to SB1 (no pun intended) or pro-SB1. Being Christian-based means they are hamstrung in their "fight" in modern secular society. Sure, there are a couple of misguided wingnuts on the Christian right who "fight" in untoward ways, bringing discredit upon the cause, but at least they are trying to win. The vast majority of anti-SB1 folk are constrianed by niceities such as "God's will...", "be nice", "do onto others...", "pray...", and assorted other self-defeating constraints to their strategy. Guess what, losers, you don't win with such tactics, you don't change soceity by such tactics, you don't pass legislation by such tactics.
    Pro-SB1 (and all anti-Christian) parties are not constrained by such niceities.
    Ever notice how muslims always get their way in popular culture/media and with legislation? That's because they aren't affraid to bust some heads and society is affraid of pissing em off. No one is affraid of pissing Christians off. Therefore, you (we) will always lose.
    Yeah, yeah, I know we "win" in the end of ends. But between now and then, man, it's one long hard miserable road of defeat after defeat after defeat. Because we're playing for a team that doesn't want to win, hardly takes the field and when they do it's only in the fourth quarter, and only with second-string players.
    So fine, if you want to stay within in your construct, go ahead. Stop wasting time trying to fight - but not really - and being all spun up just to be disappointed in the end. The other side is actually in it to win it.
    I'm tired of playing for a team that doesn't really want to win.

  17. Very saddened:

    It breaks my heart to see how this issue as LARGE as it is was left in the hands of our representatives to decide for us. I don't understand why it couldn't have come to a vote of the people instead. How does this happen. I pray for our reps. and our country. To some it may seem like a good thing because they are just looking the the word equality instead of the larger picture, family. This issue will turn our world upside down and we will be forced to go along with it even though we know it is wrong. Marriage was originated by GOD not man. Lord help us all.

  18. Bill Russell:

    We have finally overcome Hawaii's "Christian" hypocrites. Let us not rest here, but continue to work for equality and simple fairness for all our people, in Jesus name.

    "Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you" = The Golden Rule

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil."

    Peace be unto you all the days of thy life, Amen.


  19. Especially Incognito:


  20. ohiaforest3400:

    Mahalos, Gil. Good to know that Isaac could not be present, not that he chose to be absent, and that it's not due to illness or such.

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