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December 3rd, 2013

A top real estate developer -- Duncan MacNaughton -- is hosting a fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz featuring New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the special guest.

The $1,000 per person evening reception is set for Jan. 2 at MacNaughton's Kahala home.

Bloomberg, a self-made billionaire, won two terms as New York mayor as a Republican and one as an independent while becoming a national voice on gun control and healthy nutrition. He is leaving office this month because he is barred by term limits from seeking a fourth term.

Schatz is facing U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate to fill out the remainder of the late U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye's term, which runs through 2016.

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  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Apparently, money from the east coast and Jewish lobby power blocks will be controlling Schatz. He will have no concern about the problems of the people of Hawaii. They will be calling the shots for Schatz's future as a US Senator, not the residents of Hawaii.

  2. hossana:

    Hey, I'm not a Schatz supporter but don't be naive as every congressional candidate and governor goes to the mainland for monies and support...this held true with Lingle, Cayetano, esp. Abercrombie and his cronies and all the PAC's on the mainland and incl. Hirono and Hanabusa soliciting support from Senate and House members respectively.....so plez, update your research and get with the fundraising process of our local congressional candidates....

  3. ohiaforest3400:

    I'm not sure all the money in the world can buy this race, whoever raises it. The person who makes the most personal connections, directly and thru their offices (constituent work) and campaigns (canvassing, etc.), and gets those people out to vote will win.

  4. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Hossana, doesn't it seem odd that a national Republican figure like Bloomberg is giving money and backing to a Democratic candidate for the US Senate. Bloomberg represents the east coast king pins of Wall Street and is Jewish. Why didn't he give a ton of money for moderate GOP candidates like Lugar who got beat by Tea Party folks. Is Bloomberg turning Democrat? I kind of doubt it.

  5. Auto de Fe:

    Duncan MacNaughton vs Jeff Stone for ownership of Senator

  6. Recce:

    It’s really sad that Manoa Fisherman is an anti-Semite. Especially coming from one whose own ancestors were unfairly discriminated against. (This is isn’t the first time he’s thrown out a canard about Jews.) According to MF, Bloomberg – a Jew! – is financing Schatz – a Jew! – because they’re both ... wait for it ... JEWS!

    But to the point about Bloomberg ... Check the records and you’ll see Bloomberg didn’t give a penny to Lingle. What’s up with that? I thought those Jews were thicker than thieves, MF? But let’s look at who Bloomberg did give money to personally and via his self-funded super-PAC in the recent elections: $3.3 million to Democrat Gloria Negrete McLeod in the U.S. House race in California; $2 million to Democrat Robin Kelly in the U.S. House race in Illinois; $1 million to Democrat Cory Booker in his New Jersey U.S. Senate race; $500,000 to Democrat Dan Maffei in his New York U.S. House race against an incumbent Republican Congresswoman; $2 million to Democrat Val Demings in her race against a Republican incumbent in the U.S. House race in Florida; other Democrats Bloomberg has backed include Nelson in Florida, McCaskill in New York, Heinrich in New Mexico, Kaine in Virginia, Schiff in California, Quigley in Illinois, Meng in New York, Rangel in New York, Cicilline in Rhode Island, Kane in Pennsylvania, and Tester in Montana.

    So, to answer Manoa Fisherman’s question “Is Bloomberg turning Democrat?”, gee, I’m not sure but maybe he’s “bi”!

  7. Kolea:

    I can't say whether Manoa Fisherman is an anti-semite. He is so often wrong on so many issues, that I guess that is possible. But I don't see his comments here as inherently anti-semitic. I have seen people criticize the phrase "Jewish lobby. I don't use it myself as I think it lends itself to reinforcing anti-semitic prejudices which, while not as strong in Hawaii traditionally, affect the thinking of a lot of American gentiles.

    Explicit use of anti-semitism in the US is artificially suppressed because one of the largest groups of people prone to anti-semitism, American conservatives of the redneck sort, are locked into an odd alliance in uncritical support of Israel. Their leaders have convinced them the founding of Israel is laying the requisite conditions for the Second Coming of Christ and the Battle of Armageddon. At which time all Jews who do not convert to Christianity will be cast into Hell for all Eternity, a fate which, according to most born-again Christians, they deserve.

    If by "Jewish lobby," MF means the Israel lobby, I think that is a reasonable concern, as the Israel lobby has great influence over Congress, getting them to do all sorts of stupid things which they would not do without pressure from the lobby. Schatz is Jewish, but that doesn't mean he is in the pocket of the Israel lobby more than most of the other Senators. Has Hanabusa demonstrated independence from the Israel lobby? (Hirono and Abercrombie, to their credit, have.) A central project for the Israel lobby right now is to get Congress to try to block the trust-building agreement with the Iranians aimed at preventing them from developing nuclear weapons. What are the positions of Schatz and Hanabusa on that? Concrete tests like that are more important than the fact Schatz ands Bloomberg are both Jewish.

    Finally, Bloomberg quit the Republican Party several years ago. He is a moderate centrist who is liberal on somethings, conservative on others. I am more worried about Bloomberg's coziness with Wall Street than his ethnicity. In my view, there is a growing determination among some senators in DC to try to reign in the Wall Street bankers and subject them to rational regulations so we can avoid yet another round of "Too Big to Fail." Elizabeth Warren is the outstanding lead advocate on this, along with Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and a few others. But there is powerful resistance. Where do Schatz and Hanabusa stand on regulating Wall Street? The Bloomberg connection raises concern, but is Hanabusa any better? Does anyone have information to share on this?

  8. Manoa Kahuna:

    I think Senator Schatz is doing well. He obviously knows not only Hawaii politics but national politics as well. This is great for a small state like Hawaii.

  9. Especially Incognito:

    Does the name lingle ring a bell?
    Djou? Ding, ding.

    Maybe Hawaii residence with proper
    birth certificates can now buy a
    lottery ticket in New York.

    Schatz just wants Hawaii to be like the
    Mainland. lingle is also Jewish and running
    for Senate. Not said yet and if wrong, better
    for Schatz.

  10. Especially Incognito:

    Jews are the chosen of God and will always be prosecuted as a test.
    If they pass they will rule as in Heaven and Earth.

    It seems that a candidate who gets donations also
    must know that donations comes with strings attached.
    If not, a conspiracy to fail can happen.

    Hawaii is better off without Mainland influence.
    Islands that are just commodities to the rich 1%
    born and raised elsewhere and not in Hawaii.

  11. Especially Incognito:

    Learn the meaning of the word, marionette.

  12. Recce:

    Thanks, Kolea, for a well-thought out and accurate summary of the Jewish vs. Israeli lobby. I would think Manoa Fisherman knows the difference as he presents himself as educated. To your point, Kolea, I don't think there was a U.S. Senator who was more pro-Israel than Hawaii's Dan Inouye. I don't recall MF every criticizing Inouye.

    Google "Dan Inouye + Israel" and you will get a couple hundred thousand hits, many of them from Israeli sites extolling Inouye, including this one:

    "Following his death, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu declared, “On behalf of the people of Israel, I wish to express my deepest condolences on the passing of Senator Daniel Inouye. I was proud to call Senator Inouye a friend. He was a humble man with a towering spirit, whose exemplary bravery on the battlefield during World War II was followed by an exemplary life dedicated to serving his country and defending its most cherished values. […] His friendship to the Jewish people knew no bounds, and he worked tirelessly throughout his public life to safeguard the one and only Jewish state. The people of Israel will forever owe him a profound debt of gratitude.”

  13. Especially Incognito:

    Too bad others are not Japanese.

  14. Kolea:


    "Pro-Israel" is another complicated phrase. Some of us think the Likud hardliners in Israel do not represent the interests of the Israeli people, as they put them in danger as they escalate the rhetoric and brutally oppress Palestinians in an attempt to drive them from their land.

    I have no doubt Senator Inouye cared very much about the Israeli people as well as the survival of the State of Israel. But he did not vote 100% with the Israel lobby on some foreign policy matters. The War on Iraq is a significant example where he broke with AIPAC. I believe he would have joined the rest of the Hawaii delegation is expressing misgivings about Obama's plan for launching an attack on Syria a few months ago as well. Even though AIPAC was beating the drums of war that time as well.

    The senator had seen war, up close. And while he supported Johnson's war on Vietnam for a long time, I think he lost the appetite for overseas military adventurism and preferred diplomatic solutions whenever possible, with combat as the last resort. Not the first. I am hoping both Colleen Hanabusa and Brian Schatz see the wisdom in that approach and will not feel pressured to support military attacks without first exhausting alternatives. And that they will serve the interests of both the Israelis, and the American people, AND, for that matter, the Palestinians, by supporting a resolution of the Israel-Palestinain conflict which respects the aspirations and needs of BOTH people.

  15. Especially Incognito:

    Assuming is not facts.

  16. Nala007:

    Bottom line is that Manoa Fisherman did evoke anti-Semitic stereotypes.

    Kolea fails to acknowledge why the Israeli gov't has grave concerns about the recent deal with Iran. So I will take that liberty.

    History has taught us that you can't appease brutal regimes. The world tried to do that with Hitler and we know where that ended up. Now we have Iran, a radical Islamic fundamentalist theocracy that regularly vows to a annialite Israel. And Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

    The Israelis have legitimate grave concerns about their survival. That is a fact. You can't say it won't happen. People said that on the 1930s and it did happen. Israel is a country made up disproportionally of holocaust survivors and their ancestors. Their fears are real.

    So easy to criticize from the comfort and security of the USA.

  17. Kolea:

    Nala007, thank you for your cartoonish understanding of foreign policy. Maybe you should so a little fact-finding someplace other than Fox News? For starters, please find me where Iran "regularly vows to a annialite Israel." Since they do it "regularly, in your telling, perhaps you can provide a quote?

  18. Especially Incognito:

    Maybe someone shoudl also do what they preach.

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