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December 6th, 2013

Babes Against Biotech has put state lawmakers on notice: accept a single dollar from GMO companies or vote against GMO labeling, and the Babes will work against your re-election.

In a Nov. 26 letter to lawmakers, Nomi Carmona, the Babes' president, reminded lawmakers that they were first warned back in March. Babes Against Biotech has now expanded the warning to cover voting against any genetically modified organism or pesticide regulation bill or for any county preemption or pro-biotechnology bill. "We will add you to the list of Unelectables," Carmona warns.

Carmona also asks lawmakers who have accepted "GMO money" during this election cycle to return the donations. She took particular note of the lawmakers who have received "GMO money" after the initial warning in March.

One of the problems with the Babes' approach, insiders say, is that they count donations from lobbyists who not only represent biotech companies, but have dozens of other clients. Lobbyists such as John Radcliffe, George "Red" Morris and Bob Toyofuku represent a range of diverse interests, for example, so there is no way to describe their donations to lawmakers strictly as "GMO money."

The Babes' approach leads to bizarre arguments. The Babes' claim, for instance, that they are surprised to see state Rep. Scott Nishimoto on their House list of offenders. Nishimoto is vice chairman of the House Finance Committee, which passed an admittedly flawed GMO labeling bill unamended last session. Nishimoto also voted for the bill on the House floor.

Nishimoto's offense: He accepted a $250 donation from Morris in June.

In fact, of the 12 House lawmakers on the Babes' list for accepting "GMO money" since March, all but one -- state Rep. Bob McDermott -- voted for the GMO labeling bill, which stalled in the state Senate.

15 Responses to “`Unelectables'”

  1. Iwontbefooledagain:

    Come on girls, do a little homework first before you 'mislabel' an ally. Keep up the pressure though.

  2. Especially Incognito:

    Poisoned bribe.

  3. Guy:

    When is Babes Against Biotech going to be investigated. Where is their money coming from?

  4. Keith Rollman:

    The Babes are even more ham-handed than the Sierra Club. I personally don't think state agricultural policy should be dictated by a bunch of unelected calendar pinups.

  5. GoldenRiceBall:

    Wasn't Ms Carmona the ex-secretary/protege of Tom Berg during his disastrous stint as a City Councilman. I recognize the trademark demagoguery and hubris learned at the master's knee.

  6. zzzzzz:

    That's not necessarily a flaw. It may be their intent to also pressure those lobbyists to not represent GMO interestes.

  7. innocent observer:

    what is this organization - they think they can threaten and boss the legislature? hey carmoni - just go back where you came from.

  8. sato:

    How is this a credible group? They bully folks into siding with them, using humiliation as their tactics

  9. Hapuna:

    It's simple. Political Leaders need to represent the People's interest in protecting the Land, Water, Seeds, Soil and Citizens of the Hawaiian Islands. Preservation and protection of Hawaii's Natural Resources are paramount, not BioTech Corp profits.

  10. kau kau:

    Bullies in bikinis. People should stand up against tactics like this.

  11. Especially Incognito:

    Sad that it seems like a domestic argument
    and the law sides with the woman.
    It seems some women provoke by words
    and tone of voice.

  12. Puuloa:

    This is the same group that told Sen. Nishihara to go back to Japan. I wish they'd go back from where they came from. And maybe ethics needs to investigate Carmona and Berg for using tax payer money to push their small minded idiotic agenda. She was "working" in his office and "doing" things on the public dime.

  13. Gale:

    Scott Nishimoto is one of the most reliably green thoughtful voters in the Legislature, IMO. That he accepted a donation from a lobbyist and still voted against the lobbyist's client is testament to his unbuyability. Babes, you are going to trainwreck those fighting the GMO lobby, IMO. Please re-think what you are doing.

  14. Especially Incognito:

    Lobbying and donating or fund raising
    is still money from those who "bribe".
    Lobbyist do not forget and like the "mob"
    they will find a way to put cement boots
    on those 'Benedict Arnold'.

  15. Nomi Carmona:

    We are pressuring the legislators not to accept money from lobbyists which represent GMO companies. It's simple. We love Scott Nishimoto, we just don't like the fact that he violated Citizens for the Right to Know notification. In addition, our group never told Senator Nishihara to go back to Japan, you are deeply mistaken. That was a woman named Jessica Mitchell who has apologized publicly and been forgiven by Senator Nishihara. Don't get it twisted. Hey Chuck, Alicia Maluafiti and Joni! Nice "incognito" screen names hahahha. Aloha!

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