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January 17th, 2014

Former Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona is telling allies that he intends to run for governor.

The Republican, who lost to Gov. Neil Abercrombie in 2010, indicated his plans on The Fish, a Christian radio station, on Friday morning.

"He has declared," said David Chang, the state GOP chairman.

Chang said Aiona is planning a "soft launch" and will hold a formal campaign event later.

Aiona served as lieutenant governor for two-terms under Gov. Linda Lingle.

Aiona has consistently said that his only political aspiration is Washington Place.

8 Responses to “In”

  1. Especially Incognito:

    He should strive higher and become President.
    He has a Hawaii birth certificate.

    Without Senator Inouye or Senator Akaka
    in office, Hawaii will need a Governor who
    can steer a canoe. The only Duke that could,
    has died.

  2. innocent observer:

    Guess he wanted to beat mufi to the punch and declare now. if mufi does run as a repub, it will be a dog fight; then in the general it will be local vs mainlander.

  3. Eric Ryan:

    After making the fight against civil unions such a central issue in his 2010 campaign for governor, there was possibly nobody MORE visible during the recent battle against same-sex marriages than Duke Aiona. WAIT, no, that's not right. He did absolutely nothing but sit on the sidelines with his hand on his chin, thinking about how he could again manipulate social conservatives for personal political gain. And now the cat is out of the bag... the biggest political non-surprise of 2014: Duke Aiona for Governor. Yawn! Maybe he wants to lose by an even BIGGER margin than in 2010. It's sure nice of him to provide a source of cash flow for his consultants like prehistoric GOP party leader Miriam Hellreich, who will be more than happy to work the phones raising money for this doomed enterprise (as long as she gets her $$ cut). History is repeating itself. The only real questions are these: Have social conservatives learned anything since 2010? Will they allow themselves to get lulled into eleven months of wasted activity for a lost cause? Or will they put their time, energy and money into building a conservative movement which needs years of work (rather than being frittered away in an election campaign which has already started three years too late)?

  4. ohiaforest3400:

    And capitalize on the smoldering resentment of the opponents of SB1. But single issue candidates don't win and Duke hasn't demonstrated much of a portfolio beyond his social conservatism.

  5. Kolea:

    I hope this doesn't preclude Mufi running as a Republican as well. Why can't the Republicans have an exciting primary for once? It would be a sign they have matured into a real political party instead of a tiny little club, riven by 3 factions.

    Run, Mufi, Run!

  6. Eric Ryan:

    Any bets on whether this guy will be named the last-minute announced keynote speaker for the currently speaker-less Lincoln Day Dinner, held annually by the Hawaii Republican Party to keep its doors open? His topics will be "Doing Absolutely Nothing for the Past Three Years and Loving It" plus "Shamelessly Cashing In On the Desperation of a Nearly-Dead Political Party in 2014". Let's start the bidding war. Lingle lost to Hirono by 20 points. Aiona lost to Abercrombie by 17 points. I think Aiona will beat those numbers by losing in 2014 by 25 points. If Mufi runs as a Republican, he'll lose to Abercrombie by 27 points. For Democrats, the best part will be that the Hawaii Republican Party and the Aiona Campaign (same difference) will marshall all available resources -- money, time, energy -- for the Aiona gambit. Any other Republican who had a prayer of winning in 2014 can kiss victory goodbye. The unified Democrat campaign will result in more elected Democrats after votes are counted than even right now. Another four years wasted between elections by Republicans.

  7. Kolea:

    While I don't think Aiona can capitalize upon the unhappiness over Abercrombie, an Aiona campaign would provide a statewide structure for mobilizing social reactionaries, a "series of tubes" to channel the resentment which the fundamentalist churches have been fanning since the time of the special session.

    Will they gain a couple more seats in the legislature tapping into that resentment? Or will the Aiona campaign, with his close ties to Transformation International and the Uganda "Kill the Gays" law, be overkill and freak everybody out ?

    Do we really want another 9 months of The Culture Wars? Can't we stop beating that dead horse already?

  8. Especially Incognito:

    Sounds like a conservative. "I do declare".

    It seems that aiona plans to charge for a soft launch.
    Never said past and present, what is on the menu.
    Costly soft launch which is more pupu.

    Francis graduating from Harvard may be liberal or
    conservative. Since not Native Hawaiian, he did
    not have the support of Senator Inouye or Senator Akaka
    and now never will.

    Hawaii will end up like the Mainland with Mainland
    donations. Hawaii candidates are weak in speaking.
    While those from the mainland know how to talk, but
    little action.

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