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January 22nd, 2014

Former state Rep. Marilyn Lee has officially announced that she will seek the Mililani House seat she lost in 2012 to state Rep. Beth Fukumoto.

Lee -- and some political observers -- had linked her defeat to mailers dropped by religious conservatives reminding voters of her support for civil unions.

But Lee -- who had represented the district for 16 years -- had only narrowly survived a previous challenge by another young Republican in 2010, the demographics of the district had changed, and Fukumoto was among the hardest-working Republican candidates.

Gay marriage might be an issue in the campaign this year, however. Lee supports marriage equality. Fukumoto voted against gay marriage during the special session last fall.

Lee, a registered nurse, pointed to early childhood education, environmental protection, support for local schools and elder care as her priorities.

From Lee:

After 16 years of service in the State Legislature, a break has given me the opportunity to get back to the grass roots in our community. I am inspired and excited to run for the District 36 Representative seat this year.

15 Responses to “Comeback”

  1. ohiaforest3400:

    A person of real substance who really produced for her district, something that cannot be said of many others, including the one who replaced her. It will be interesting to see if the incumbent can win re-election without the same dirty tricks she pulled last time.

  2. Especially Incognito:

    ": a material of a particular kind

    : a drug that is considered harmful and whose use is controlled by law or made illegal

    : the quality of being meaningful, useful, or important"

    Multiple choice personality.

  3. hossana:

    same old...same old political hacks....geezus.......just sickening seeing the same damm names running for office.....from abercrummy, aiona, maybe hannebutter, lee from mililani.......geezus....tired of voting for these political hacks.......

  4. ohiaforest3400:

    Hossana, why don't you run for office if everyone else is just a terrible retread? Or is your only ability the one to complain? Sorry, rhetorical question, you've never done anything BUT complain on this forum.

  5. charles:

    It's amusing that many out there whine and moan about politicians being career hacks not to mention bleat about what a cruise job it is what with all the perks, bribes, etc. And yet so many races go without opposition.

    Go figure.

  6. Kolea:

    I guess it is good I am not in charge of "quality control" on this blog or idiotic comments like that from hossana would have been deleted. What can we see in his post? That he recognizes some names he has seen in media accounts over the years. Apparently, if your name is recognized as having held office, hossana's micro-processor concludes you must be a "hack." There is no evidence of criteria presented.

    Anyone who knows Marilyn Lee from actual, you know, observance of her behavior in the Legislature, knows she is one of the LEAST "hackish" legislators in that building. She is humble, thoughtful, listens and actually has a real world experience from which to draw upon in considering legislation, particularly as it relates to health and family issues.

    Ooops, I had forgotten. "Family" is a registered trademark owned by the Religious Right and means hating anything which deviates from the idealized Donna Reed model of the 1950s. It has nothing to do with the actual well-being of family members, just strict adherence to the appearance of "normalcy. So Beth, with her youthful smile and persona as a "newlywed," fits. Marilyn, as a former nurse, a widow and her grandmotherly tolerance, does not fit.

    IN analyzing why Marilyn lost, it should be noted that Marilyn was loyal to Speaker Say. So despite her thoughtful personal politics, in the calculations of those seeking a change of leadership, saving her in the last election was not a priority. So the Labor-Liberal-Environmental networks which combined to help knock off some of Say's loyalists, while supporting Dissident allies, did not come to her aid. Could an extra bump of support from these forces have helped her overcome the fact redistricting had broken her ties with her community? I dunno. But think it needs to be factored in.

  7. Especially Incognito:

    Happens when transplants want Hawaii
    to be like the mainland.

    "Special treatment" not equality.

  8. sue:

    from the viewpoint of a resident in Fukumoto's district, I can tell you the religious right was relentless with their glossy mailers and publicity in trying to get rid of dear old Mrs. Lee, who never made a lot of noise touting her stances and advocacy. In 2010, that youth minister they ran against her was too young and inexperienced -- but he came close (something like 16 votes). With the 2012 redistricting, Fukumoto (who previously lost in another district), was the pretty new face. I knew she would have to stand behind the party line -- against "marriage equality." If republicans are against same-sex marriage based on Bible, I hope they can also take a stand against genetically-engineered organisms, which is far more bizzare than two people of the same sex uniting with each other.

  9. Mauka Rez:

    Just to be clear, Marilyn Lee will be facing an opponent in the upcoming Democratic Primary and this seat was one that was re-districted in the last election. This "new" district includes all of Mililani Mauka and a very small section of Mililani Town. While the "Religious Right" may have campaigned against Marilyn in the last election, her liberal stance on all issues does not play well with the moderate - conservative majority in Mauka, and that was why she was defeated in 2012. The current Republican incumbent has done NOTHING for the district and should be voted out.

  10. H2:

    As a longtime resident and voter in the gerrymandered Mauka/Mililani district, I'm glad to see that Marilyn continues to serve and advocate on behalf of our area. I am one of many who blank voted last election simply because like many of us in Mililani feel, we wanted change. We respect and admire Marilyn and Sam for all they've done, but I and my neighbors worry about her age.
    Many I know voted for Ms. Fukumoto for that change. We gave the young gal a shot. And we are disappointed in what we got as a representative--nothing.

    I certainly can't vote for a dead weight like Fukumoto. But I also can't vote for Marilyn. Why can't we have another option? Someone young like Fukumoto, but kind and community driven like Marilyn? That youth minister has no experience and I haven't heard if anyone in Mauka is considering a try. The only young, community-oriented democrat I know who would do well is Danielle. Wonder if she or folks like her would consider running this year?

  11. charles:

    So Marilyn is "kind and community driven" but you "worry about her age"?

  12. Especially Incognito:

    Contrary Marys should run as well.
    Would like to see what kind of candidates
    they would turn out to be. All wind or no wind.

  13. Makapuu Mutt:

    Very glad Marilyn Lee is striving for a comeback. Hopefully, voters finally see that "youth" in itself is not something to boast about. When did we stop trying to learn from those older and wiser than us? Instead, we now spit "age" in their faces, and tout naïveté (aka ignorance) as a virtue. This "Future Caucus" is a shameful insult to the veterans who've dedicated decades of their lives to this community.

    I'm under 30 myself, and would never dare to run for office anytime soon. The brazenness that would be! There's too much I have left to learn about the world, and my stances on issues continue to evolve each day, as experience fills in many gaps. Our state (and national) legislature was designed to be run by those who have already made their marks, and thus are relatively immune to coercion from lobbyists and special interests...NOT by aspiring career politicians. Vote for humble wisdom, not naive arrogance!

  14. Mauka Rez:

    Is Makapuu Mutt saying that Marilyn Lee is NOT a career politician with having served so many years in the Legislature???? Not to mention that her husband, Sam represented the (then) district before her. Voters want someone to represent them that match their views and values. The large majority of the district are young families, they would naturally vote for someone younger. The problem is with the candidate and not their age. What we have know is someone who is young, but does nothing. We need someone with fresh new ideas that can get things done for us!

  15. Especially Incognito:

    No one unless they are exceptional can
    make a career out of being a Politician.
    Most are made of wood and have their strings

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