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Legislative poetry
February 4th, 2014

State Sen. Will Espero, who likes to write a little poetry, used the invocation that opened the Senate floor session on Tuesday to channel Dr. Seuss in framing the issues this session.

Regardless of your gender or age
Would you work for minimum wage?

If your food begins to glow
Will we blame GMO?

If the papaya does no harm
Will you support the right to farm?

Will we help the cattlemen’s range?
And deal with issues like climate change

Will Kakaako go on its way?
With the guidance of HCDA

Shall our homeless find a home?
Or will they die on the streets alone

Let us protect our watershed
Shall we fund early ed?

As we protect our native fauna
How will we distribute medical marijuana?

Is this the year for decriminalization?
For the residents of cannabis nation

Where will we hike, surf, and play?
Will it be on lands around Turtle Bay

Shall we let the counties tax us more?
Or show the mayors out the door

Shall we fund prisons, roads, and schools
Will we amend some admin rules

Don’t let anyone ever say we can’t
Let’s continue the fight against the little fire ant.

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  1. Especially Incognito:

    Unless feeling the need to filibuster and considering running for Presidency.
    cruz already did Green Eggs and Ham. rant paul did his plagiarism of
    Dr. Seuss.

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