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March 31st, 2014

The state Senate voted on Monday to approve the Senate's draft of the supplemental state budget.

The draft would adjust state spending for this fiscal year to $11.7 billion and proposes $12.1 billion in spending for fiscal year 2015. The draft now goes to a House and Senate conference committee.

Normally, in supplemental budget years, the entire focus is on the second year in the two-year budget cycle, in this case fiscal year 2015. But Gov. Neil Abercrombie recommended some revisions to the budget for this fiscal year -- which runs through June -- which prompted lawmakers to respond with their own changes.

The Senate vote was 23 to 1. Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom, the chamber's sole Republican, was the lone dissenting vote. Slom has argued that lawmakers should make deeper spending cuts given the lower state revenue forecast.

Read the Senate Ways and Means Committee report on the state budget here.

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