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Independents day

April 11th, 2014

The new Hawaii Independent Party on Friday unveiled the party's logo.

“The Manu O Ku is significant to our party because we are a home grown party unique to Hawaii just like this magnificent, indigenous bird,” Michelle Del Rosario, the party chairwoman, said in a statement.

Del Rosario said the Hawaiian flag represents state pride and that the sky and sand are symbolic of the journey into the future of Hawaii. “It is important to note that unlike other parties, HIP is the only party that has adopted these symbols that are unique to, and only found in Hawaii,” she said.

The party is in the process of recruiting candidates.


15 Responses to “Independents day”

  1. Especially Incognito:

    Where's the picture of a Tea Bag?
    Only Independent Party there is
    and should be funded by themselves
    and not by tax payers who pay
    for both Democrat and Republican
    as the tea party, gets paid by the 1%...or the 99%
    right extremist.....

  2. Bart Dame:

    That bit of gobbleygook is appropriate for this bogus party, build around the ego and ambition of one man. What is Del Rosario trying to claim with her explanation of the logo? That it demonstrates how they alone care enough about "local" people to use "indigenous" symbols for their party?

    If she were concerned with facts, she could go to the website of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, where she would see their logo on their masthead: It is a voyaging canoe, atop a wave, guided in its path by a star. But if the new party has to stretch the truth to feel "special," fine. I get it: "I look like you."

    Does Mufi know the bird they have chosen is commonly known as a "fairy" tern? It IS a very sweet, trusting bird.The UH athletic program has been having trouble accepting the rainbow as their logo. But maybe Mufi's "HIPsters" are more comfortable with their masculinity and won't run away from their mascot.

  3. Mr. 3 for 3:

    Mr. Dame,

    This is not a bogus party. It was officially certified by the state and was NEVER challenged.

    Unfortunately, you seemingly and somewhat conveniently over look the fact that before there was a canoe there was a donkey. And that the democrat party still marches under that donkey banner which is deeply engrained in the fabric of America. Not only that the canoe is not unique to Hawaii but can be found throughout the pacific and elsewhere.

    The Independent Party of Hawaii truly seeks to be inclusive unlike the democrat party of Hawaii who, as noted in yesterday's Star-Advertiser, is still fighting to have a closed primary system! If that is not the text book definition of exclusion I don't know what is.

    And lastly, if you feel the need to stretch the "fairy" tern idea, that's fine I get it you need to feel "special". Its okay friend, we are masculine and tuff enough to take a cheap shot like that.

  4. Tyrion Lanister:

    Not suprisiingly, Mr. Dame is associated with a party that uses a jackass as it's logo.

  5. Recce:

    "Sky" and "sand" are "unique to and only found in Hawaii"? Gee, I need to get out more!

  6. Kolea:

    Mayor Hannemann's people are not known for their nuanced understanding of the environment. But "indigenous" species like the Manu o Ku (the white or fairy tern) are not unique to Hawaii. The white fern is scattered across the tropics and migrates great distances. Though not as heroically as my namesake species.

    Nor is this HIP party unique. Frank Fasi created the "Best" party as his one-man political vehicle a few decades ago. George Wallace created his American INDEPENDENT Party in 1968 to try to take advantage of white racist hostility to equality for blacks. After Wallace was shot, much of the racist. Vote shifted to Nixon and the Republicans, an alliance which has only gotten stronger in the intervening years.

    Hannemann's may hope voters see parallels with Fasi, a very popular man. But I think the parallels with Wallace are worth noting. Duke Aiona has a stronger claim on the homophobes angry about one of today's most visible civil rights movements, equality for gays and lesbians. So Mufi's more restrained homophobia is unlikely to gain him much support in a three-way race. Will the "Anyone But Abercrombie" feeling among some voters cause them to "pull the lever" for Mufi instead of the more radical Aiona? If Ige wins the Democratic nomination, there will be no room for Mufi in the General election. If Abercrombie wins the primary, it will boost Mufi's vote total.

    This may be an interesting election cycle.

  7. Hugh E. Louis:

    It's square to be HIP.

  8. Guido Sarducci:

    Is that bird going to poop on the Democrats canoe? Bart Dame is already calling them fairies. Kolea is calling them segregationists. I smell fear.

  9. Especially Incognito:

    Showing the bird....

  10. Jaded Citizen:

    Why is it that political intrigue is reduced to juvenile comments by the opposition? Sometimes I can hardly see the differenence between highschool online bullying and the people that actually has something meaningful to say.

  11. Especially Incognito:

    Freedom of Speech....

    Many patronize others thinking they know best...the best they know
    is how to patronize..

  12. Eric Ryan:

    Mufi's looking for a 3-way in 2014. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

  13. Especially Incognito:

    Governments not bi-partisan...

  14. Jaded Citizen:

    Freedom of speech doesn't authorize people to be jackasses, it just allows it. I am merely annoyed that grown adults choose the later.

  15. Especially Incognito:

    Some people feel with Freedom of Speech, they are exceptional..
    Some feel out of guilt to correct..making them grammar police..
    political correction officers...

    Comments are two cents...

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