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May 6th, 2014

"Hula," the oddly named app promoting sexually transmitted disease awareness, will get a new name.

Many Native Hawaiians had objected to the use of the word "hula" as culturally insensitive, including the state Senate's Hawaiian Affairs caucus and the state Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

From the Associated Press:

Ramin Bastani told The Associated Press on Tuesday that after weeks of learning to understand the concerns of the Native Hawaiian community, he's moving forward with changing the app's name.

An online petition asking him to change the name argues that the name exploits a sacred cultural art form. Bastani previously resisted changing the name even after the petition gained attention in March. But he said he immediately removed any references to "getting lei'd" in marketing the app.

He says he'll continue to educate others not to associate "getting lei'd" with his health tool.

Bastani says a new name hasn't been determined.

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  1. Especially Incognito:

    I guess he being without breath..(tourist)
    He was thinking with "his health tool"....
    and now wanting a flower lei....

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