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`About as bad as anything I've read'

May 20th, 2014

Former state Rep. Colleen Meyer has resigned from the Hawaii Republican Assembly in disappointment over the conservative group's negative attacks on the Hawaii Republican Party.

Meyer, who was the group's national director, is running against Rep. Richard Fale in the Republican primary for the state Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Clayton Hee.

The Hawaii Republican Assembly has become an increasingly virulent critic of the state party. After the Republican state convention on Saturday, the group issued a news release that claimed the party "tripled down on neutrality, silence and inaction for another two years by retaining an official party platform and political strategy which is destined to keep Hawaii’s tiny minority party in the political wilderness of irrelevance through 2016."

The news release criticized Pat Saiki, the party chairwoman, and Miriam Hellreich, the Republican National Committeewoman, by name.

"HIRA’s press release panning the HRP convention was about as bad as anything I’ve read," Meyer wrote in an email to Tito Montes, the conservative group's president, and other leaders. "I never looked at HIRA as an adversary of the HRP but as an adjunct organization. I’ve been to many Republican conventions and I thought this was run very well and the speeches were excellent.

"Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki are old friends of mine, and both of them have worked tirelessly for the good of the Republican Party. They did not deserve the personal attacks that the HIRA press release was full of. We have some very good conservative candidates this year and the party has been putting on training sessions which will help them run effective campaigns. If anything I came away from the convention feeling encouraged and positive."

Meyer, who served as a state representative for 14 years, and was considered the most conservative Republican in the House, said Republicans need to support each other. "When HIRA attacks the HRP and fellow Republicans they give fodder to the Democrat narrative," she wrote. "There are many fine people who are members of HIRA who I like and respect, but the constant, negative sniping at the HRP is counter productive and helps no one."

*Update: Montes said that there may have been a conflict, now that Meyer is running for state Senate, with her serving as national director of the group, which has a political action committee.

"We wish her really well," he said. "We love her to death and we're looking forward to her winning out there."

19 Responses to “`About as bad as anything I've read'”

  1. Eric Ryan:

    Colleen Meyer is right. Let's ban any and all forms of criticism. With losses in nearly a dozen straight elections, the Hawaii Republican Party is obviously righting itself just fine. Let Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich run the party forever. They are amazing!! Democrats and the Star-Advertiser LOVE the outcome: More Democrats in office with each election and virtually no Republicans in office. Colleen Meyer sure seems desperate to please someone. I wonder how much sucking up to Saiki and Hellreich that Meyer will be doing when she is sitting at home watching her pathetic election returns. Meyer's next desperate move will be to call Sam Slom a far-right neo nazi and then to cancel her subscription to National Review. The kicker will be when she gets a Polynesian face tattoo and starts fire dancing while sign waving. Pandering seems to know no limits for Saiki and Hellreich's newest puppet on a string Colleen Meyer.

  2. hipoli:

    Eric: Are you a Republican? A member of the HRA?

  3. Eric Ryan:

    A conservative Republican. But not a member of HIRA. And the thin-skinned woosies at the Hawaii Republican Party didn't like my Facebook comments, so they 'banned' me from their sad HRP Facebook page. Now, hipoli, tell us about yourself . . . starting with your name. Don't be a woosy.

  4. Especially Incognito:

    How does a perp walk?

  5. Guido Sarducci:

    Eric Ryan writes all of HIRA's stuff. He wrote the email which caused Meyer to quit.

  6. Eric Ryan:

    It must be anonymous wussie day. DePledge's blog would be pretty flat if his buddies weren't allowed to put on their disguises and make crazy allegations. Maybe the Star-Advertiser should go anonymous too and let 'reporters' and 'editors' take their names off the masthead and articles so they can play irresponsible guessing games too.

  7. Eric Ryan:

    If you want to read something funny, you should see Andrew Walden's pathetic pleading to Republicans a few weeks ago arguing that Mufi Hanneman was the best bet for the Republican Party if Hawaii Republicans would get behind Mufi for Governor in 2014. Since then, Walden reportedly had his nose surgically removed from Hanneman's rear end and has had that same nose surgically implanted in Aiona's okole: "EDITOR'S NOTE: It may seen incongruous in light of recent battles over Rail, but the GOP must find the way to say 'Yes' to Mufi." -- Andrew Walden, Mufi Cheerleader turned Aiona Cheerleader


  8. Tyrion Lannister:

    Eric doesn't grasp the negative connotations or deep personal implications of the colloquialism "turd in a punchbowl."

  9. Nala007:

    Eric Ryan's comments always come across as the rants of a madman. The fact that he uses his real names so further evidence of his lack of insight. He comes across as such an angry lunatic that one can so easily ignore his message. Keep up the good work Eric. Enjoy your life amongst the fringe here in Hawaii, always destined to remain there. This isn't Texas.

  10. Guido Sarducci:

    How does a perp walk?
    Eric Ryan shows the way ...


  11. Kolea:

    Those who say Eric adds nothing useful to the discussion should read the editorial from Andrew Walden linked in comment #7 above. Thank you, Eric.

    Andrew, who I believe is still an officer of the Republican Party?, makes a peculiar argument. He says the GOP should open its door to Old Guard Democrats who are uncomfortable with the increasing liberalism of the formal Democratic Party organization. Walden, who is very white, has long been fixated on racial dynamics sees an influx of Asian and other "brown" faces into the Republican Party as a deliciously ironic way to shake off the image of the Hawaii GOP as controlled by haoles. He argues that embracing Mufi would be a powerful way to put a "brown face" on the local GOP. Why Duke Aiona is not "brown" enough for this purpose, Andrew does not say.

    Eric is correct to point out the irony of local Republicans, many of whom were vehemently anti-Rail, embracing Mufi for such opportunistic reasons. And hoping to recruit the larger pool of "Old Boys" as well. Delicious!

  12. Tyrion Lannister:

    In a move that would make Saul Alinsky blush, Kolea praises Eric Ryan.

  13. Kolea:

    Tyrion, I suspect you have very little understanding of what would, or would not, make Saul Alinsky blush. I understand his Jewish, almost "Russian-sounding" name has helped make him a boogeyman among American reactionaries, but he was a strong advocate for teaching people how to be engaged citizens and effective activists. The Tea Party dingbats have actually taken a number of their tactics from his pagebook.

    As for what might make ME blush, the idea I might have praised Eric is, I admit, a bit embarrassing. But I actually didn't. Eric attacks Andrew, each spreading dirt on the other, Keith Rollman posts a photo of Eric being arrested and Colleen Meyer scolds the hothead wing of her party for giving "fodder to the Democrat narrative."

    A slight correction to Auntie Colleen: we Democrats don't need to use your dirty laundry in our narratives. We just sit back and watch the Republican narrative(s) as they stream across our computer screens. At most, we kibbitz and guffaw. And eat popcorn!

    More power to the HIRA. And to the new Mufi party. "HIP, HIP, HIRA!"

    "With enough rope," the Keystone Kops of the Hawaii Right will trip, tie up and strangle each other.

  14. Especially Incognito:

    Pot calling the Kettle Black. Apartheids.

    Seems one without breath is cause of Climate change.
    Oh, the Vog.

  15. Eric Ryan:

    Nala007: "The fact that he uses his real names so further evidence of his lack of insight." That's right, the real smart, insightful people hide behind aliases. So much 'evidence' have you provided, Nala, that you are hereby declared incompetent for equating frightened anonymous posting with something to be proud of. Gimme a break. Grow a pair and stand behind your opinions. Hiding is for the cowardly, not the brave.

  16. Will Caron:

    Hrmm... editorial cartoon in here somewhere...

  17. Eric Ryan:

    Does Bob McDermott know that Rollman is posting during State work hours like he did for his former master Moofy at City Hall?


    "Eric Ryan really is smarter than me." - Keith Rollman


  18. Especially Incognito:

    It seems berg has disappeared or is silent.
    Maybe with Hoffa.

  19. Keith Rollman:

    Hey Eric, that picture of you getting arrested was posted on September 30, 2012. Bob wasn't elected yet, and I didn't work at the Capitol then, so your theory about abusing state work hours has a few large holes in it.

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