Political Radar
May 28th, 2014

Former Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona is out with his first television advertisement in his Republican campaign for governor, a compelling spot that features his family and his time as a judge.

Aiona, who had not been aggressively fundraising before he announced his intentions to run again earlier this year, can quietly pick his moments since much of the public focus will be on Gov. Neil Abercrombie and state Sen. David Ige in the Democratic primary in August.

3 Responses to “Roots”

  1. Especially Incognito:

    As a republican if he loses, he can work for fox media.

  2. Ella:

    I can hear Frank DeLima singing "Furlough!"

  3. Especially Incognito:

    "Those who do not remember their past
    are condemned to repeat their mistakes."

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