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No Aduja
June 3rd, 2014

Former state Sen. Melodie Aduja was at the state Democratic convention in May, passing out campaign brochures touting her run in the Democratic primary to replace state Sen. Clayton Hee, who is running for lieutenant governor.

Aduja, an attorney who lost to Hee in 2004 after a campaign-finance scandal, pulled papers with the state Office of Elections.

But Aduja did not file for office by Tuesday's filing deadline.

Former state Rep. Gil Riviere will be the Democrat to go up against either state Rep. Richard Fale or former state Rep. Colleen Meyer -- the Republican contenders -- in the November general election.

6 Responses to “No Aduja”

  1. matt martin:

    Hey Hawaii...Yeah, just for vote for her because she has a D next to her name...even if there was a scandal...

  2. Derrick DePledge:

    We thank several of our blog readers for pointing out the missing "not" in the original post. Sorry we did not catch it sooner ...

  3. karen:

    Did she just forget to file?

  4. Especially Incognito:

    she felt she was a woman and entitled to be late.

  5. kamaaina808:

    Ignorance is in the air today...

  6. Especially Incognito:

    Down wind you catch the ignorance.

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