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July 7th, 2014

Wendy Mink, the daughter of the late U.S. Rep. Patsy Mink, has endorsed U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz.

Congresswoman Mink was a liberal and feminist hero widely credited for Title IX, the 1972 amendment to federal law that prohibited gender discrimination in education.

From Wendy Mink, an educator, in a message set to go out on Monday:

Senator Schatz proved his deep commitment by pushing forward a debate-changing bill with Senator Tom Harkin to expand Social Security. This legislation would increase benefits and extend the solvency of the program by having the wealthiest pay in at the same rate as the rest of America.

Senator Schatz's strong position on Social Security advances economic security for all of us, but it is especially important for women. While older women are more likely to face poverty than men, Social Security keeps 3 out of every 8 older women out of poverty.

My mother is perhaps best known as the co-author and lead defender of Title IX, the law that guarantees educational equity for girls and women. She also fought tirelessly for economic equity for women, who still today make up two-thirds of minimum wage workers and who, along with children, make up the vast majority of the poor.

Senator Schatz has enlisted unequivocally in the struggle for women’s equality and economic security. He has worked with President Obama on legislation to enforce equal pay for equal work, became an early co-sponsor of legislation to raise the minimum wage, and advocates for important policies like child care tax credits and paid family and medical leave to make it easier for parents to balance work and family responsibilities.

We will only move closer the ideals of equality and fairness if we have unwavering leadership from allies we can count on in the Senate.

Schatz is facing U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa in the Democratic primary.

13 Responses to “Mink”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Wendy Mink doesn't even live in Hawaii and hasn't for many years. So why does she think her endorsement means anything to a voter in Hawaii? Is she now channeling her mother's death bed wishes?

  2. Especially Incognito:

    Endorsements or donations from the mainland must
    mean something. Indirectly, maybe.

  3. Kolea:

    That is a powerful endorsement, likely to help neutralize the shallow professional "feminist" push for Hanabusa in some local networks. The fact Manoa_Fisherman is not moved is no measure of its effectiveness. This is aimed at "Mink Democrats," not Tea Party Republicans.

    Good move, Wendy. And thanks!

  4. jalansky:

    This endorsement was unusual in that it was actually reable--not fluff. I was very impressed.

  5. Manoa_Fisherman:


    Sorry, this Tom Gill Democrat doesn't buy the BS from a person who has no "skin in the game" by residing on the mainland her adult life. I don't care even if she is Patsy Mink's daughter. Look at Tom Gill's sons, and tell me if you would vote for one of them? I sure would not. That is a reality check.

    As for "Mink Democrats" they were few and far between, even when she was in Congress. A respected intellectual democratic politician, but Mink suffered from the lack of awareness of what was going on in the real world, most of the time. That's why she was never made her governor or mayor in her career. I kind of doubt many people still remember who she is, much less care what her daughter thinks.

  6. Kolea:


    Your repeated protestations that you are a "Gill Democrat" ring false to me. I was a Gill Democrat, but unlike you, I did not drift to the right.

    You miss my point about Wendy Mink's endorsement. Even if it may not affect the vote of a lot of people, it will weigh on the decisions of many women active in Democratic circles. Colleen Hanabusa has targeted these women on the basis of her gender. Her endorsement by Emily's List helped her make inroads, despite Brian Schatz stronger history of supporting women's rights than Hanabusa's. Not all "feminists" are the gender chauvinists the wealthy leaders of Emily's List seem to think. Within THAT audience, Wendy's endorsement will carry some weight.

    Even though your arguments here make it appear you think candidates are only marketed to the majority of voters, I suspect you DO understand the campaigns also engaged in "micro-targeting" of smaller "niche markets"? That is who this is aimed at. And at the somewhat larger group of liberals who are uneasy with Hanabusa's record and generally centrist political views.

  7. Manoa_Fisherman:


    I have my Tom Gill campaign vest from 1970 that says, "You Can Trust Tom Gill". We use to print them up at the Unity House/Local 5 offices on Ena Road along with the t-shirts. I will gladly sell it to you for $1,000.00.

    You sound much like the typical Gill democrat that use to talk a good game, but never showed up for a mass canvass, sign waving, beer bust or coffee hour. I use to call them the "University types" who talked a lot and really did nothing in terms of real campaigning. My Hawaiian relatives told me that it is typical of the waha personality, only good for talk, not for work.

    As for "micro marketing", that is a term that is used if there is a market to appeal to. Mink democrats are no more a factor than Tom Gill's old faction in the scheme of today's electorate. Trying to appeal to a non-existent market is a fool's endeavor.

  8. ohiaforest3400:

    I propose a duel of words in a dark alley between Kolea and Manoa Fisherman. Each gets to bring a wingman; Kolea brings "the skinny Jewish kid"*, MF brings the tita from Waianae. I know where I'm putting my money. You?

    *-as described by Daily Koz, related by Ian lind 7/7/2014.

  9. Especially Incognito:

    We don't have mink in Hawaii but there are skunks
    on the mainland. Both related, I smell something foul.
    Dealings with the mainland, it's all about the money.
    Both skins are worth something, just trying to skin
    one, you have to stand the stench. I hear tomato juice
    helps battle a black and white issue. If it were read,
    it would be a newspaper.

  10. TKeiko:

    Wendy Mink, Michael Bloomberg, Dick Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, Al Gore all have agendas, and none of them particularly care what happens in Hawaii. As much as Barack Obama may retain his historic love of the state, he doesn't live here anymore, and never will again. For Hawaii voters who are mainly concerned with what our senator will do for our state, who cares what they think?

    Kolea, you know as well as I do that the vast majority of Hawaii voters neither know nor care who Wendy Mink is, and the vast majority of "women active in Democratic circles" made up their minds long ago.

    BTW, "micro-targeting" is what marketers say when their last-gasp strategy isn't likely to move many consumers (or voters).

  11. Especially Incognito:

    Al Gore was part owner of Aloha Airlines.
    Says much.

    Finally someone thinks out of the box but
    living here and being born here is different.
    He was born here.

  12. Especially Incognito:

    "Former Vice President Al Gore is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser Monday evening for U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz.

    Gore, who is in Honolulu for a sustainability conference, endorsed Schatz last year."

    April 14th, 2014
    By Derrick DePledge

  13. Peter:

    Senator Brian Schatz will win this coming election...I am sooooo sure of it. It's sad that Colleen decided to abandon her seat as a congresswomen from Hawaii. Senator Schatz has accomplished so many things in the Senate in the short time he's been in office, not to mention all the distinguished and influential endorsements in his favor. I wish Colleen Hanabusa all the best in all her endeavors after leaving office. I am a fan of Colleen, I just think in the big picture, Schatz is more believable (because speaks the truth) and effective and will accomplish so much not only for Hawaii but for the country...and not only for LOCALS but for all races regardless of culture, beliefs, religion, color, wealth, or status, Brian is the People's Choice for Senator!

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