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Who dat?

July 10th, 2014

One of the humorous moments in the debate Thursday night between Gov. Neil Abercrombie and state Sen. David Ige in the Democratic primary was when Tannya Joaquin of Hawaii News Now, the moderator, asked Abercrombie about an assessment of the state's economy from Paul Brewbaker, an economist.

Joaquin said Brewbaker, the former chairman of the state Council on Revenues, has found that "growth has stalled or is falling in employment, tourism, construction and federal spending. So is it fair to say that we're back and on track?"

"I have no idea who that is but that is the opposite of what the Council of Revenues is saying," Abercrombie said. "That's the opposite ...we have more people employed now ..."

"He's the former chair of the council that you're referring to," Joaquin cut in.

"Well maybe that's why he's the former chair," Abercrombie said.

10 Responses to “Who dat?”

  1. Especially Incognito:

    At least it wasn't an empty chair.

  2. Manoa_Fisherman:

    To forget who Paul Brewbaker is rather disturbing, at a minimum. Brewbaker has been the go to economist that most business and government leaders look to in terms of his annual reports on various sectors of Hawaii's economy.

    In 2003 he shook up the real estate industry when he said the median that year was $380,000 and would be $600,000 by 2005. His 2012 prediction was that by 2015 the median would be $800,000 on Oahu. Well it just cracked $700,000 this month.

    For Abercrombie to forget who Brewbaker is really scary. Can voters just pass it off as just a "senior" moment, or is this an indication a possible medical problem that many senior citizens have come to deal with.

    As for the real issue of what the Council on Revenues has pronounced, the COR has cut the estimated economic growth as measured by estimated tax revenues in its last three meetings. This is not to mean that the economy is heading down, but rather it has hit a plateau last year and no growth is expected this year. Next year the COR expects a slight rise in revenues, but no gigantic growth spurts by any means.

  3. Guy:

    Really, Derrick. That was your takeaway? How about Tannya's question about "obeying." Or does media give other media a free pass?

  4. Chicken Grease:

    First of all, Tannya, oh. She's seems to really be in that "so trying to" category, yeah? Two "n"'s. OOOOOOO.K.

    And maybe that's why she helped set up Abercrombie's jab (justified, a Grease thinks) at "that guy." A Grease has read what that guy has had to say (funny. Hardly saw him on a TV news story. Wonder why that is) and it just reeks of "canned" and "oh, well. I better say SOMETHING." AND MOST of all . . . not at all aligning is "analysis" (difficult to even WRITE that word in the same area as "that guy") with my pocket book and bank account. Simply put, if you're not wasting your kala or okane every month (one a year, evry two years, fine. But, is it just a Grease? Or is it a trend now to ikimasu Vegas e'ry month? And then when these come back to the islands, it's like, "oh, I need public assistance, now! Help!) on trips to Vegas, anywhere else, and these high end restaurants on the island whose tastes are a mile behind a peanut butter sandwich, you're doing well. Yeah. Trips to Vegas. "We los'. Baht we hahd fahn." Break out the Spam every night until the NEXT Vegas trip. Duh.

    Economics background, yes, "that guy" got (invoking Yoda here, gomen). Indeed. Why IS he "former"? Is he in some kind of Emeritus position with the council?

    And, uh, Tannya should've known BETTER than to ask that question. Didn't her very own station's sister newspaper . . . what's it called, now? Oh, yeah, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser run a story just this week about how $700,000 on up houses are being "sold, sold, sold, now it's gone!!!!" due to job growth and rising personal incomes? Crickey when the hell did the news employees feel the need to become the influence of the news, debate or not.

    What IS a journalist -- especially those on TV -- anyway? No need certification. Just gotta make sure you no month' maka pia pia in the eye. Waxed. Read from the teleprompter. Duh.

    A Grease don't think we'll get anywhere with Ige as gov'nor. So plain and a vehicle for those who "hate Abercrombie" That's not a campaign. That's simply "hating on." A Grease should be at the beginning of the line to hate on/help vote out an Abercrombie, he signing gay marriage into law and a Grease being Roman Catholic up in hea, up in hea. But, the other guy ("meh!"), he would've done it, too.

    An Abercrombie's simply the better candidate. So there.

  5. Chicken Grease:

    Happy birthday, E.I!!!!!!

  6. itoboy:

    Chicken Grease: Just donate to the zoo so they can fix the exhibit for the chimp who loves to entertain us named Especially Incognito (aka Extraneously Inane).

  7. Chicken Grease:

    Hear, hear, itoboy. Plus, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opens this weekend. A Grease'll go to that as well; that should help 🙂 .

  8. Gerald de Heer:

    Well stated Manoa_Fisherman. Of course he knows who Paul Brewbaker is. The Governor reads those statistics too...and they are nothing short of alarming. A stall in economic growth is not a recovery. We really don't have a surplus considering what's ahead. Tourism is down and revenue collections will decline as well. What is more likely over the next four years? Brewbaker has raised excellent questions. The reporter did not do us a service by letting him get away with a glib misleading answer.

  9. Tiki808:

    He meant does he have any money to make needed changes? Who does he know capable of making those changes? himself or some other person from the electoral voting ballots? I think not.

  10. ohiaforest3400:

    "I have no idea who [Neil Abercrombie] is."

    Should I?

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