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July 12th, 2014

Martin Hamburger, a Washington, D.C., based media consultant who helped Pacific Resource Partnership during the Honolulu mayoral election in 2012, is advising Gov. Neil Abercrombie's re-election campaign.

Hamburger was one of several prominent mainland consultants involved with PRP's negative attacks on former Gov. Ben Cayetano in the mayor's race. Last month, PRP and Cayetano agreed to settle a defamation lawsuit filed by Cayetano, who had claimed the consortium of union carpenters and private contractors unfairly tarnished his reputation.

Cayetano, an old friend and ally to Abercrombie, has broken with the governor and has endorsed state Sen. David Ige in the Democratic primary.

James Bickerton, Cayetano's attorney, has said that he hoped Hamburger and the other mainland consultants for PRP would not be hired in Hawaii again.

Cayetano, however, has been most critical of Andy Winer, a local consultant who advised PRP and is now the chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz.

Cayetano has endorsed U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, who is challenging Schatz in the Democratic primary for Senate.

9 Responses to “Hamburger”

  1. Hmmm:

    Thought all legislation was sausage...

  2. Ben Cayetano:

    Not surprised. NA's scared stiff and desperate he will lose to an underfunded opponent who will not run a single TV ad. There is waning enthusiasm among his supporters, many who don't like the way he has sold out to big special interests but continue to support him out of blind loyalty or fear of losing their jobs. Check out whether it is true Brian Schatz hired two of PRP's media consultants. Thanks for the info. By the way, if you write a story on this, feel free to quote me

  3. TKeiko:

    The Abercrombie/Schatz/Winer axis want to determine Hawaii's political future, but what we need is leaders with real integrity and a vision beyond their own power.

  4. Hawaiino:

    "Ben Cayetano Says:
    July 13th, 2014 at 5:46 am"

    Really? Is this a prank? Or is a past Governor is going onto a blog to play a ground game against a sitting Governor from his own party?

    Sir, I supported, voted and respected you. You've made yourself smaller with this behavior and shown that your notoriously thin skin is still problematic. Not all who sit in power attain gravitas...any you may have had is now truly shed.

  5. Gerald de Heer:

    Let's be clear, having gravitas elevates said holder of gravitas to higher levels of credibility. So, if one states an opinion backed by facts; that automatically reduces the gravitas factor, especially is an annonymous poster cries foul. Hawaiino who judges credibility infers personal gravitas. Good for you. Since you have assumed a position of moral authority and high gravitas, I trust you are not a political insider affiliated with any campaign and/or the PRP. If you are, consider your gravitas lost as well.

  6. Ben Cayetano:

    Hawaiino: It's not a secret that I am supporting David Ige. So is Gov. Ariyoshi. We do so mainly because
    we disagree with the direction Gov. Abercrombie is taking our state. I supported the governor Abercrombie in every one of his elections since 1974 when we were both elected to the State House. Not this time __ he has forgotten his political roots I appreciate your supporting me in the past.

  7. Hawaiino:

    You wrote;
    "...So, if one states an opinion backed by facts; that automatically reduces the gravitas factor, especially is an annonymous poster cries foul. Hawaiino who judges credibility infers personal gravitas. Good for you. Since you have assumed a position of moral authority and high gravitas, ..."
    Your logic escapes me. Perhaps it's the sentence structure, or sequencing of your thoughts, or maybe the punctuation.
    Anyway...I have not "assumed" any status, you may confer it upon me as I had conferred gravitas upon the former Governor.

    Who, by the way has increased his stature, in my personal estimation, with his reply. Mahalo for the courtesy in, and of, your reply Governor Ben. I really regret your schism with Neil, you guys were a great team in the '80s when you made the Majority with the Repubs of the time. In those days you, Neil, and Scotchy always saw "eye-to-eye"...and sometimes in matters of policy too!

    I don't know how the current Gov so alienated other members of his party. For me it's sad to see a good man like David Ige being used in an attempt to short circuit the chances of two progressive terms by our current Gov. We suffered through 8 dysfunctional years of Lingle vs Lege. Now that the National economy has turned around we should be focused on catching up...instead we have internecine warfare weakening the party. I don't want to watch ANY new administration spending 2015 and 2016 learning the ropes...I want this one gaining traction and accomplishing more.

    BTW: I am NOT an insider or part of any campaign except by way of pounding a yard sign in front of the house and writing a few checks. Oh, and I spend a fair bit of time at the Lege dealing with issues germane to my community.

  8. Benjamin Cayetano:

    Hawaiiano: if you want to know why I no longer support NA go to "Ben Cauyetano compares David IGE and Neil
    Neil Abercrombie" on You Tube. Gov. Ariyoshi gives his reasons on You Tube also.

  9. Hawaiino:


    These threads are ephemeral, so I don't know if you, or anyone, will ever read this. But.....out of respect I went to the YouTube video and heard you out re: Neil v Ige. Full disclosure, as you might have guessed, I'm all in for the Little Guy!
    Your initial few minutes of opinion and generalities were well edited, and not very convincing, when you got to the first specific , taxing pensions , you lost me. You KNOW that Neil was exempting the little guys, that the thresholds for initiating the tax were quite high. You also know, or should know, that Hawaii is considered a tax haven , of sorts, for elderly and retired. We have an onerous tax system in place for working age but benign for retirees. Low property taxes for them and NO pension taxes.
    When Neil made that proposal it showed political courage in a tough time, and more than anything else it burned his political capital. But it showed a tough minded approach during tough times, we were still mired in recession at that point.
    Much has changed in our economy since then and in retrospect the tax was not imperative. He couldn't have known that at the time. You, however, do know all of this. You criticize him with a mischarcterization, that he was attempting to tax pensions in an unacceptable way,
    You know we are one of only 10 states who do NOT tax pensions. You know that nationwide the Feds do, and that the proposal most notably mooted was ONLY for the income over a certain threshold, e.g. for couples 6% on income over 75k. So if a retired couple bringing in $100,000 yr their income tax, after deductions, could be NO more than $1500.
    Yet it would have raised over $100 million without affecting working class families and those still building their lives.

    Sen Iges comments at the time were ambiguous...not a profile in courage like Neil's willingness to ask this tough question. So, political fundraising phone calls aside , what's the real beef?
    Kakaako? 2'6" sidewalks.... Really? Take that up with KSBE

    Mahalo for your responses. Respect for David Ige who was a fine public servant in the Senate. Respect for you, stepping up after Waihee and making tough choices during tough times. You were a change agent then and Neil is now. Neil stepped up after the disastrous Lingle administration and saved us from a Hanneman administration.....I'm sticking with Neil.

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