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`Progressive hero'

July 24th, 2014

Democracy for America is the latest progressive group out with an appeal for U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz in the Democratic primary for Senate using Social Security as a wedge.

Progressives have spread the idea that there is a wide gulf between Schatz and Hanabusa on Social Security, when their differences are actually more on emphasis than policy.

From Jim Dean, the chair of Democracy for America, in a fundraising appeal:

We have just two weeks left to protect Social Security from a corporate Democrat -- by re-electing progressive hero Brian Schatz to the Senate.

The stakes are high. Schatz's opponent in the Democratic primary for the Hawaii Senate seat, Colleen Hanabusa, voted for the Simpson-Bowles plan that would have cut Social Security benefits. If Schatz wins, it will send a message to Democrats across America that attacking Social Security is a losing proposition.

12 Responses to “`Progressive hero'”

  1. kamaaina808:

    "...by re-electing progressive hero Brian Schatz...." *cough* I think they mean 'electing' since he was appointed, not elected, to his Senatorial post.

  2. innocent observer:

    bunch of bull.

  3. Chicken Grease:

    And don't look now, you left-leaning overbloated-narrative true-believers. None other than the illuminati of the Democrat party itself, moveon.org is supporting, ta-daaaaa!!!! Senator Schatz.

    This is, like, Rush Limbaugh giving 1/2 hour to an hour airtime to a Repub' candidate, yes?

    Which one o' you Lefties gonna throw the "sorry. We can now — pardon the pun — no longer support you" party for Hanab[not a Grease's]USA?

  4. ohiaforest3400:

    Gak. Total BS. Those are not Brian Schatz's initials.

  5. Hawaiino:

    Funny story, at least to me. I'm supporting Brian, I met him as LG and he really impressed me with his intelligence. I liked his background in preparing for continued public service, his demeanor, and his sense of humor. When he had the great good fortune to be elevated to the Senate I was pleased for him and looked forward to supporting him for a long time. I sat with him at a small gathering as he related his early Washington experiences. His grasp of the issues, his knowledge of history and his appreciation for the political figures who preceded and affected these times was really enjoyable to a wonk like me.
    With Colleen's (ill advised) entry into the race it turned his first race from a cake walk into a dog fight. Good....campaigns show us who they are in a much more concentrated fashion than judging them through a term of office.

    Okay, the story. I'm fairly successful in business, play a lot of golf now, and have a lot of friends who are much more affluent than me. They're often talking about how they travel, safari's and cruises, and one mentioned to me how he saves his SS checks and blows them on a big trip once a year. I related this to Brian very early in the campaign at a coffee hour type of meeting. I encouraged him to consider supporting "means testing" of Social Security, that it would allow for the continued health of the system and not significantly hurt those affected by it. I'll never forget the look he gave me and his polite refusal to support the notion. I didn't get it at the time, that SS was to become his defining issue and that to be the defender of the program he could not be seen to be in favor of any reform, no matter how logical or practical it may be.
    In light of the campaign I get it..... and I don't begrudge him for it. Time will test him on this.....if he survives the dog fight.

  6. TKeiko:

    The thing to remember about groups like MoveOn and Democracy For America is that they really don't care about Hawaii, and they don't bother to learn about Hawaii issues or Hawaii values. For example, DFA is happy to repeat the thoroughly discredited claims that Hanabusa "voted for Simpson-Bowles" or that she "voted to cut Social Security." (Both the Star-Advertiser and "Hawaii's online daily" have demonstrated that the claims are false.) They don't care that our voters take offense to being lied to in order to get a vote.

    These are national groups pushing a national agenda. They are confident that Schatz will rubber-stamp whatever they propose, so they back him. They can't rely on Hanabusa unless they convince her that their position is valid, which is a lot more work.

    So there's the bottom line. If you want someone who will mindlessly follow a mainland group's national agenda, listen to MoveOn and DFA. If you want someone independent whose focus is on Hawaii, vote for Hanabusa.

  7. gale:

    Birds of a Feather!

  8. Chicken Grease:

    July 24th, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    The thing to remember about groups like MoveOn and Democracy For America is that they really don't care about Hawaii . . .

    Oh, brother (or if you prefer, TKeiko, should a Grease be saying, "oh, sister"? Or to be even MORE fair, "oh, LGBT EFGHIJKLMN . .."?). This is so transparent. If either of these Leftie/lIb/soc' answer the The Avengers and the Justice League of America endorsed certain candidates, such fans of such a candidate would become all giddy, maybe teary eyed, "MOVEON AND DFA is here to save the day!!!!!"

    Don't start disowning it now (get it? N.O.W.? The heck are they nowadays, yeah?).

    Finally figured out what "WONK" is:


    # # #

  9. KamaainaKid:

    Why should we listen to a mainland group like MoveOn.org when it comes in two weeks before an election to tell us who to vote for? You mean those of us who live here and have been following the campaign for Senate are ignorant of the issues? I have supported MoveOn in national campaigns in the past. This time I'm supporting Hanabusa. She is superior to BS on her ability to get things done. I was familiar with BS's work when he was a state legislator. He could not get bills passed because he was always looking at the next race.
    e was lucky to be "elected" by Abercrombie's appointment.

  10. Chicken Grease:

    Don't forget: Hanabusa has the letters "b" and "s" in her name, too (Hanabusa). So, keep on playing that game of hypocrisy (more on why Hanaua shows her own brand of that, in a bit).

    Moveon.org is clearly a friend of the Democratic party. Like a Grease said, The Avengers of the Democrat party.

    And like a Grease told TKeiko earlier, don't disown them now, libs/Lefties/Demmies. Just do an Internet search -- they clearly, clearly, clearly, clearly, clearly have helped major Democrat candidate political campaigns, yes, Clinton, Obama, all of 'em? And what's the common denominator with whom Moveon.org supports? That's right, those candidates win. How many Republican or Right wing candidates has moveon.org supported? Yes, that IS the sound of crickets you hear -- moveon.org tends not to support ANY such candidates. So, libs/Lefties/Demmies, moveon.org is yours. Now, move on. Be proud, libs/Lefites/Demmies, then, when moveon.org supports ya; if they don't well . . . you must not be libby/Leftie/or Demmie (not as in "Demi Moore," by the way; more like "a 'u' away from 'Dummie' Demmie) enough.

    Going back to Hanab[not my]USA, as mentioned previously, while she seems (heh. "Seems") to press against "rubber stamping," she seemingly seemed to think SHE (and not Schatz) would've assumed the last year or so of the late Senator Inouye's term. To a Grease, that sure sounds like wanting to be RUBBER STAMPED in. Sounds like hypocrisy to a Grease.

  11. itoboy:

    Hanabusa and her campaign are full of deceit and lies. They are substantially behind both in the polls and contributions, and they are getting desperate. Neither is in favor of becoming involved in an entirely religious dispute in Iraq, except Hanabusa wants to close the U.S. Embassy, a position that makes absolutely no sense after everything the U.S. has fought for in Iraq.

    In actuality, Hanabusa is the war monger. She voted for putting sanctions on Iran AFTER THEY CAME TO THE NEGOTIATING TABLE. http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2013/roll427.xml Did you know this, chimp (Especially Incognito)? I think this is something you can goo goo goo goo google. Nice to have our favorite chimp (or dick as Hawaiino would refer to you) back to entertain us. What happened? Did you escape from your exhibit again?

  12. Shaun Campbell:

    Here's where Hanabusa voted for Simpson-Bowles plan that would actually have cut back Social Security for our kupuna: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/113-2013/h36

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