Political Radar
Wilhelmina Rise, et al.
July 25th, 2014

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has a fundraiser for his re-election campaign in Wilhelmina Rise on Friday night.

The recommended donation is $500.

The governor also had a fundraiser at the Mandalay restaurant on Tuesday night. The suggested donation was $1,000 or 2,000.

Abercrombie had a fundraiser at Oahu Country Club on Monday morning. The recommended donation was $500.

Abercrombie is facing state Sen. David Ige in the Democratic primary.

Ige has set a fundraiser at Side Street Inn in Kapahulu for Sunday afternoon, with a recommended donation of $500.

On the Republican side, former Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona held a fundraiser on Monday night in Portlock. The suggested donation was $300.

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