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August 3rd, 2014

The state Campaign Spending Commission has a new app that enables readers to track spending by super PACs, the independent groups that can spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns.

You can check out the new app here.

Earlier this year, the commission launched a similar app on candidate data.

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  1. Chicken Grease:

    In other words, "there's an app' for PAC." Ya'll know Grease as the funniest guy on the board. Though he is not the "funny" guy on the board.

    DePledge -- a Grease gives Political Radar permission to use "there's , app for PAC if you wish to rename this blog entry. :). 2nd another posteur's comment on the previous entry: thanks for researching local political news for us.

    This the week, gang, Next Sunday some of us going look like we got egg on our face (mostly ya'll will have chicken egg on your face; from a square-shaped egg, if a Grease is to understand how he lays eggs -- hey, laying square eggs is better than being Sisyphus, joke, hehheh, told you a Grease is the funniest :)) .

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