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August 11th, 2014

While the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate continues to play out over the result in two precincts in the Puna district on Hawaii Island, Republican U.S. Senate nominee Cam Cavasso waits to learn who he will face come November.

Cavasso, a former state lawmaker, handily won the GOP nomination in a field of four candidates with 72 percent of the vote.

He says it doesn't particularly matter to him who wins the Democratic primary. In an interview, Cavasso said:

Frankly, it doesn't really much matter to me which of them I'm running against. They're so similar in their stands and there's such a contrast between myself and them that I think it's a half dozen of one, six of another.

As for his game plan over the next three months, Cavasso ticked off a number of ares on which he will focus his energy. They include:

• Run hard.
• Communicate statewide.
• Make it clear the contrasts between us and share the need for balance in Hawaii and in the U.S. Senate, recognizing that there's a  good chance that the U.S. Senate will have a Republican majority and that it's to Hawaii's advantage to have someone on both sides of the aisle in both houses.
• To run as a team with (Republican gubernatorial nominee) Duke Aiona and (GOP U.S. House nominee) Charles Djou and people running across the state.
•  Work to bring balance both here in Hawaii and in Washington.

Cavasso added he is excited and optimistic about both the campaign.

We've got many, many challenges after going pretty much one direction the last 45 to 50 years and I'll be working to bring people together. I'll be working to reach out to Democrats, independents and Republicans. I can't do it alone. The theme of our race is "A Steersman for Hawaii" -- I'm an outrigger canoe steersman. The steersman can't do it alone. It takes a whole crew working together and I certainly plan to reach out with that goal in mind to find common ground in Hawaii for the majority of our people.


One Response to “Waiting”

  1. Chicken Grease:

    That Cam Cavasso is so smug. You hear outrigger's radio ads? That's some major silver tongue-ness. Hope whether it be Schatz (likely; Keoki Kerr said it best -- HanaBuSa gotta get 65% of the last two remaining precincts, and she didn't manage to do that in any district this election, no?) or HanaBuSa manage to add additional shine to the top of Cavasso's Cam. But, not everyone in Puna will vote.

    In any case, the one thing the 15-20 Repubs have right now is a good laugh. All this Democratic dissension, goodness. Not helping that, yes, there he goes again, Abercrombie trying to hold every guy's hand. If a Grease feels nervous for a Schatz or HanaBuSa, you must wonder how either feels, much less those the throne gamers in the local Democratic party. One o'them's gonna have to wowie the smokin' hot-all-red eyes on Punajuanas (or is it "Punalolos") while showing d'a sympat'y to d'em, yeah. Ah. Not easy. But Repubs take comfort in being able to witness a virtual Shakespearean flavored warning unfold in paradise.

    Yet, they can only laugh so long. Repubs need to play their cards better instead of b-tching about how "oh, heavily Democrat Hawaii has always been, boo hoo.". On today's The MIke Buck Show on 690 KHNR, THE ANSWER!!!!!! (OOH! What a formidable name for a conservative talk radio station!) -- and, mind you, a Grease don't know he meant to fuel the fiery hearts of Repub' types who normally listen to the show --, show guest Charles DJou (Mark Takai's Lex Luthor) also came off as whining when he addressed status quo-ness and how the Hawaii Democrat party has done a good job of keeping power for 60+ years or so.

    Tha's all Djou seems to do (preach to the Lexchoir) when he go on radio shows, and this is the kind of whining that doesn't work for local Repubs. Local Repubs have demonstrated that they can take over like N.W.A. at an all-white old folks home. Repubs need to do the kind of thing that makes even those who normally vote Democrat in Hawaii reach around the ballot and come out to vote Repub -- no such beast in Hawaii you say? Then did all 15-20 Republicans in the state vote Linda Lingle into office? Think not. That took crossing of the aisle votes (never buy the Democrat seemingly-set-in-stone mantra/Ho'u'ma'le'ma'le [tend to spell that wrong; but go consult your nearest Hawaiian language specialist for a primer on that expression; but, hheh, YA'LL know what a Grease mean.]), "oh, Dems stayed home for those TWO ELECTIONS." Heck, when you ultimately consider how stubborn some of these long-time voters are, Lingle's victories are no minor feat. Democratic party in Hawaii should be outright embarrassed at Lingle's two terms.

    A Grease don't think Bat-Ige and TsuboywonderTsui can think they can cruise in the Dem-mobile. Hell yes this recent Hawaii primary showed vote for change and that just might translate into Hanneman's turn to be governor. Or voters might give their vote in favor of the HAWAIIAN ticket, Aiona/Ahu, also addressed on Buck's show this morning.

    Ahem. A Grease loses his pantaloons. [bows]. Didn't mean to lose them like that.

    Side notes:

    • Our volcanoes seem to kick the s--t out of oncoming hurricanes (both owned by mother nature)

    • R.I.P. Robin Williams

    # # #

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