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August 21st, 2014

The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii said Thursday that state Sen. David Ige, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee,  has withdrawn from a forum on Friday that was supposed to feature all four candidates for governor.

Kelii Akina, Grassroot Institute president, said the forum will continue as scheduled with Republican James "Duke" Aiona, Independent Party candidate Mufi Hannemann and Libertarian Jeff Davis.

In a news release, the Institute said the forum will touch on a wide variety of issues of importance to Hawaii, from education to the economy.

Said Akina:

"We are disappointed for the voting public that David Ige has withdrawn his commitment to participate in this well-planned gubernatorial forum. We are, however, grateful that candidates Aiona, Hannemann and Davis have each personally reaffirmed their commitments to participate in the forum. Every effort has been made to ensure fairness and to accommodate any needs indicated by each participant. We look forward to an engaging event and the opportunity for the public to be informed about the positions of these candidates for governor of Hawaii."

Lynn Kenton, an Ige spokeswoman, shared this message with Ige supporters on Thursday:

"We wanted to share with you our decision to withdraw from an Oahu forum tomorrow, Friday, August 22, featuring all of the gubernatorial candidates. David contacted the other candidates this morning to explain his decision. The organization is holding the forum for its members and guests of members. We apologize to any member of that organization that had planned to attend, and for any inconvenience our withdrawal may create.

As we read the guidelines, we saw that the hosting organization stated that our participation gave them the approval to videotape the event and “distribute as it sees fit.” David felt that any candidate -- or individual for that matter -- should be concerned with this type of agreement, as we all know how statements can be taken out of context, and especially during campaign season! When we initially agreed to the event, we were not aware we would also be consenting to use of any recording untilyesterday.

Since then, leaders from the hosting organization have clarified their intent with all of the gubernatorial candidates. However, David had already accepted another off-island invitation and therefore, will not be able to participate in tomorrow’s forum.

There will be many more public and televised opportunities open to the general public. David looks forward to allowing voters these opportunities to listen to each candidate’s views and responses to questions.

We appreciate your support and understanding."

10 Responses to “Proceeding”

  1. Chicken Grease:

    Ige's camp needs to understand the crowd there took time out of their schedule to see what the gubernatorial candidates have to offer. Grassroots is nothing to neglect. Maybe ige's betting on a camera on a la hidden cam' on Romney by, who was it? Carter's nephew or something.

    Think voters, at least, are still shocked -- no matter how they voted -- at the outcome of Ige vs. Abercrombie. A Grease DID mention, within the comment section in a Political Radar entry a bit before primary day, that if Ige gets elected, folks will end up casting their vote in toward familiarity -- this means Aiona (less likely) or Mufi (HIGHLY likely).

    Mufi's gonna be all "proof is in the poi" and he's basically using his bright red "Mufi" logos from years past. Don't count him out -- familiarity.

    And the "change" that the stoop . . . er, a Grease means that voters want may very well lie (pardon the pun) in giving Mufi/Independent a go at the office.

    Or this office, the candidate who can bring familiarity in this guber post-primary chaos and pair that with this sense of "change" Hawaii voters suddenly want (at least for this guber' contest; they proved they want exactly that, having it having given Linda Lingaling lingaling [a Grease just saw Expendables 3, please 'scuse] two terms) will have the advantage. You watch. And right now, that guy is Mufi and will continue to be Mufi if he plays his cards right through November.

    Side notes:

    • Fri(kin' ACLU. Butt the heck out. A Grease understands that, in hell, "ACLU" is more fully defined, along with other acronyms that include "U" "C" "L" and "A".

  2. Hmmm:

    Total BS RIGGED forum... Ige was stupid to accept in the first place. There is only downside for him there. He agrees with nothing they stand for.

    It was the right move to avoid this landline.

  3. John Squidwater:

    Oh Chicken Grease, you don't know a darn thing about politics yet you rail on making like you on the inside. Senator, err excuse me Governor Ige already has another commitment, plain and simple. Don't try to color the red kettle red.

  4. innocent observer:

    another senseless and mindless rant by the greasy chicken. but he sounds more like a dead duck.

  5. T_H_G:

    What were they thinking even agreeing to that forum in the first place?

  6. hossana:

    Chicken Grease: I will say it and hope you put this in your memory bank. Hannemann will never be elected Governor of this State. Its as plain and simple as that no matter how apologetic he is trying to be or how familiar he is to the voters, according to your political wisdom. Nope, HE WILL NEVER BE ELECTED GOVERNOR OF THIS STATE. Nothing more and nothing less.

  7. Chicken Grease:

    August 22nd, 2014 at 7:08 am

    Chicken Grease: I will say it and hope you put this in your memory bank. Hannemann will never be elected Governor of this State. Its as plain and simple as that no matter how apologetic he is trying to be or how familiar he is to the voters, according to your political wisdom. Nope, HE WILL NEVER BE ELECTED GOVERNOR OF THIS STATE. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Well, we'll see. A Grease — having also sung the following's hosannas [a Grease does Jacko moonwalk and toestep, then does Jacko knee jerk dance step, then finishes with Smooth Criminal lean forward dance move, drops microphone to ground] — was on spot about Schatz (ACLU efforts ain't going help HanaBuSa), who, admittedly won by a slight margin, and, most notably Takai, who won by a landslide in that field of 7 or so; no small feat.

    Haven't your predictions been wrong, hosanna? Ah, yes, you made fun of Takai. Called him a puppet face or something or other. Ah.

  8. Tyrion Lannister:

    When the first debate did roll around
    Mr. David Ige could not be found.

  9. Guido Sarducci:

    Standing Room Only at Grassroot Gubernatorial Forum


  10. Guy:

    Makes me wonder if Ige will show up at his own weekly press conferences he's promising. Fool me once...

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