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August 28th, 2014

Gov. Neil Abercrombie said Thursday that he was given no damage assessments from Hawaii island during the primary that indicated widespread evidence that Tropical Storm Iselle was causing voting problems outside of the two precincts in Puna that did not open that day.

In a letter to the state Elections Commission, Abercrombie acknowledged that he had the emergency power under state law to adjust the hours for voting, suspend the hours of voting, or fix other hours of voting through an election proclamation.

But the governor said he received no evidence that Puna residents outside of the two precincts that were closed could not get to their polling stations.

"In the absence of such reports, any action by me as governor to adjust or suspend the hours of voting would have been overreaching the powers vested in me by" state law, he wrote.

Scott Nago, the state's chief election officer, has said he had heard a request by state Sen. Russell Ruderman (D, Puna) to extend voting hours because of storm damage in other precincts. Nago said he relayed Ruderman's concerns to the state Attorney General's Office to inform Abercrombie. Nago told reporters last week that he did not know why the governor did not act.

But Nago also said he did not receive any objective information from Hawaii County officials to justify extending the polls.

3 Responses to “`Overreaching'”

  1. innocent observer:

    nago, as election officer, you should take the initiative to find out if there were any problems, you are not supposed to sit on your butt waiting for people to provide you info. that is what you get paid the big bucks for. as a leader you have to lead, if you don't want to then resign. my goodness, you comments are like a child.

  2. Johnson:

    I completely agree, mr/ms innocent.

  3. Chicken Grease:

    innocent observer:
    August 28th, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    . . . my goodness, you comments are like a child.

    Yeah. Thanks for giving Nago a good laugh (I mean,n if you want him to read that). Yeah. He comments are like a child. Great.

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