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November 17th, 2014

Conservatives in the Hawaii Republican Assembly, frustrated by what they see as a timid and ineffective Hawaii Republican Party, on Monday called for party leaders to resign.

Tito Montes, the president of the Hawaii Republican Assembly, said in an email to supporters that the group waited two weeks from the November elections to see if party leaders would quit on their own.

While Republicans made significant gains nationally, the local GOP struggled. Both former Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona, the Republican candidate for governor, and former congressman Charles Djou, the GOP contender for Congress, lost their campaigns. Republicans gained just one additional seat in the state House.

Montes called on all of the party's state and county executive officers to step down, specifically naming Pat Saiki, the party chairwoman; Miriam Hellreich, the Republican National Committeewoman; Boyd Ready, the head of the coordinated campaign; Marcia Klompus, the treasurer; and Fritz Rohlfing, the Oahu chairman.

When corporate leaders fail, they resign. When nonprofit leaders fail, they resign. When political party leaders fail, they too resign. Now it's the turn of Pat Saiki and the rest to get out of the way.

It is obvious that HRP’s leaders flat-out refused to wisely utilize all 24 months between elections to educate and persuade and inspire voters, let alone diminish the devotion of so many to the ruling Democrats.  This lack of action is either deliberate or a result of incompetence. The lowest voter turnout ever and the microscopic change in the number of registered voters is sufficient evidence that promises made by party leaders to engage in substantial voter drives in the past two years were merely rhetoric.

"They have their opinion," Saiki said. "I have no comment."

10 Responses to “Splinter”

  1. Eric Ryan:

    "No comment" ?!? That lady has no clue. Exit stage left with the rest of the RINO's.

  2. WestSideTory:

    No comment....REALLY!! Two weeks after an across the state shellacking and the best you can do is No Comment. I guess its no big deal to you that Hawaii has to suffer another two years of Democrat rule. Well I guess no comment is better than a bunch of excuses...NOT! Here's a novel idea...take responsibility....that's what leaders do!!!!

  3. Self-Refuter:

    I look forward to hearing about the resignation of the Hawaii Republican Assembly officers, who failed even more miserably than the Hawaii GOP. Evidence: losing the CD2 primary to Kawika Crowley LOL!

  4. Beverly Toomey:

    Leadership and candidates. We must all take responsibility. We failed too. Phones do not make candidates candidates who do not talk to each other and groups who will not talk to other groups. Leadership must be from the bottom up. All are at fault not just the pinnacle of the pyramid. We know our structure has crumbled. We must build a new solid modern vote inspiring base to grow from. Who is going to be our architect? Are You? Your skill may be needed. You may never be too young! We need new candidates!

  5. Fred Bledsoe:

    Pat, it seems that your only strategy leading up to the election, was to do almost nothing, and hope that local Democrats would be voted out of office, based upon their unpopularity on a national level. Hawai'i voters were uninspired by this lack of leadership. What's your plan now? More of the same? Please move aside. You should have been able to harness the throngs of people who turned out at the State Capitol, chanting "Let the People Decide". But instead of standing up for conservative social causes, you squandered the opportunity. Your most enthusiastic base is social conservatives, but you left them at home.

  6. Emil Svrcina:

    HRP leadership doesn't represent the best local real viable opposition party to EVIL Democrats anymore. Instead they make this weak "opposition" party instrumental in creating corrupt elite in charge of increasingly more fascistic and tyrannical government.
    HRP must be revitalized as the Clear Choice to mind controlled, fooled, uninformed, complacent or outright ignorant majority of sheeple out there ruled by wolfs. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hawaii after 60 years of the same old same old is no exception. Crony capitalism is bankrupting our economy for all including the unions (The Rail), constitutional rights of all are abused (Obamacare), election fraud is making both honest elections and free nation impossible (illegal immigration).

    HRP role is to be true AMERICAN, fearless, evangelistic clear opposition party to this EVIL. Backed by founding principles of America: US Costitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights. Motivating by faith in God. Standing on moral highground. Standing for life, family, robust economy, intelligent solutions, innovation, quality education, ... while respecting liberty for all.

    GOD hates lukewarm.
    (Revelation 3:16: "so, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.")

    Current lukewarm HRP leadership has to go so "we the people" willing to fight this radical enemy of freedom don't have to waste time on the next HRP convention in 2015, waste more candidates in 2016, waste more elections. This island paradise state and our precious once great and exceptionally well founded country is worth saving for our children and future generations of Americans. I want HRP to be HOT for FREEDOM again. I want people to believe again in Courageous American Republican Brand.

  7. johnson:

    Republicans like Tito are the reason they're not making any gains. WHAT an ego that guy has!

  8. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Want to see how a black hole is created? Just watch a political party implode like the Hawaii GOP. If you look closely, you will see this party blink out of existence shortly.

    Unfortunately, a black hole creates a vacuum that causes a political imbalance and voter apathy. Long live the Democratic Party! Get use to that mantra for a few more decades.

  9. readthefineprint:

    Were it not for people of principle, conviction, and courage like Tito to speak out instead of cower at the feet of an impotent and insignificant leadership we would be destined to the same ol same ol. Does the current record not speak to the need for change? Obviously...

  10. readthefineprint:

    IRT johnson and the notion that people like Tito are at the root of the problem. Makes zero sense. HIRA evolved as a reaction to pitiful GOP leadership in the first place... and these guys have actual solutions and answers.

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