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December 11th, 2014

One of the state's top Republicans says the party needs to study and try to emulate the winning formula of former Gov. Linda Lingle, who became Hawaii's first GOP governor since statehood when she was elected in 2002 and 2006.

In her report submitted to the state committee, Hawaii Republican National Committeewoman Miriam Hellreich urged her fellow party members to reconnect with voters.

An excerpt from her report, released Thursday:

While we fell short of victory in many of our local races, we need to as a party to recommit ourselves NOW to the grassroots effort to identify, register new voters, and to begin fundraising programs that will be necessary to produce victories two years from now and beyond. The RNC 365 Days Per Year Model for victory cannot be overlooked.  We cannot relax after elections and expect to wait a year before preparing for elections. We need boots on the ground, community service projects and voter programs throughout the year.

The Linda Lingle path to victory, which began shortly after the 1998 gubernatorial loss and extended to 2002 when she was elected the First Republican Governor since statehood, has to be evaluated and emulated. Republicans can be elected in our state if we recruit district and precinct workers who are willing to put in the work in their districts and precincts that is needed to “out vote” the opposition. It was done in 2002 and 2006 and it can be done again. Many may forget that in 2006 our Republican Governor and Lt. Governor won every single district in our state.

The full report can be viewed below.


Committeewoman's Report

6 Responses to “Committeewoman's Report”

  1. Ted Baker:

    Can't wait for Eric Ryan to fulminate over this.

    I'll leave that to him and observe only that this person has the writing skills of a 6th grader. Just a small "for example," do you suppose she could have used the word "to" more times or more incorrectly in that first sentence? This isn't a casual communication by your average person, she's a national committeewoman for Pete's sake!

    With a national committeewoman like her, the local GOP don't need no stinkin' enemies, they are inside the gate already!

  2. WestSideTory:

    What does she mean study and try to emulate Lingle's formula...they never stopped using it! They stifle new ideas, stack their committees with their lemmings, moved further left, they don't take a stand on issues, they don't follow their own rules, etc...NOTHING HAS CHANGED WITH THE PARTY SINCE LINGLE TOOK IT OVER FOR HER OWN POLITICAL GAIN BACK IN 1998/2000, AND WHERE IS SHE NOW!!!Its time to throw out the old and bring in the new.Here is a excerpt from letter by an HRP member, does this sound familiar..."I am truly saddened that the Party leadership has lost the meaning of the word "Leadership"... Operating like Democrats will not gain anything for the Hawaii Republicans. We as a Party should be encouraging these young and aggressive Republicans by mentoring them, not to shut them up." Oh by the way this was penned in 2000 when Lingle and Hellreich was ruling the HRP.Don't be fooled by Hellriech's blather, this nothing more than a smoke screen to allow her to perpetuate Lingle's agenda that has never ended.

  3. Eric ryan:

    Thanks for the invitation, Mr. Baker.

    Sadly, I had to listen to the grating sound of Saiki's puppetmaster Ms. Thirdreich reading this insipid report OUT LOUD last Saturday at the Kapiolani Blvd. headquarters of the defunct Hawaii Republican Party. Can you imagine hearing this drivel spoken aloud by its narcissistic and delusional author? If she hadn't made endless phone calls and sent innumerable e-mails to her mindless followers urging them to attend the orchestrated, post-election lovefest for Saiki/Hellrech, then the rehearsed applause by her two dozen minions would have been met with crickets or even boos. What's worse, is that this Democrat in Republican clothing gives the EXACT SAME SPEECH/REPORT every two years. She just changes the font for the printed version and then fakes sincerity for the by-now memorized spoken version. All the while she is droning, one can't help but realize that she only cares about control of this dying state party (with its four nonexistent county parties and even more nonexistent district and precinct committees) and about which horse she can try to ride in order to extract consulting fees over the years ahead. Will it be Djou? Might it be Aiona again? Perhaps a resurgent Richard Fale for Governor? She's getting desperate. So look for desperate moves and unforced errors by the party's national committeewoman for life because what she lives for is keeping Republicans in a distant second place in Hawaii politics forever and ever.

  4. Gerald de Heer:

    Eric, your response is beyond predictable...you give the 'exact same speech/report' every time some RINO says anything you disagree with. Never any solutions, only the same old complaints about the same old problems. If you don't like your party, run for party and public office. The Hawaii GOP is three elections away from becoming the majority party in Hawaii. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the Democrats, they can't see it and rather fight each other. Want to know the real problem with the Hawaii GOP? Look in the mirror.

  5. Eric ryan:

    Blaming someone who is NOT running things, as you have Mr. or Mrs. Too-Afraid-to-Use-Your-Real-Name "de Heer", is a sign of a serious mental disorder. Next you'll be blaming Ted Cruz for how the Federal government is run by the Obama/Biden administration. Or blaming a grocery clerk at Foodland for how poorly Safeway's stock price is performing. Or maybe blaming your parents for how you turned out. Well, okay, you might be right on that last one.

  6. Gerald de Heer:

    Hey Eric. I actually agree with your desire to reform the GOP. Didn't you attempt to organize your party? Why did you stop? You expend a lot of energy attacking and insulting others. For what? You know how your party works. Organize a take-over. I disagree with your politics but support an active two-party system. The GOP in Hawaii simply doesn't get it, they have abandoned any pretense of principle(s); that's why they keep losing and will continue to do so. You have the right idea. I am not interested in helping the GOP, you are. Do something about it. Opportunity is staring you in the face.

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