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Making his case

January 12th, 2015

State Rep. Aaron Ling Johanson, who last month announced he was switching parties from Republican to Democrat, must now make his case to the state Democratic Party.

The meeting before the Oahu County Committee's Executive Committee is scheduled for 6 p.m., Friday at a location to be determined.

In an email to members on Monday, the party stated:

The purpose of the meeting is to review the request by Representative Aaron Ling Johanson in becoming a Democrat in good standing as he switches from being a member of the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.

Rules adopted by the party since the last lawmaker switch in 2007 stipulate elected officials wishing to join the Democratic Party must first go before their county's executive committee, which then makes a recommendation to the State Central Committee.

Oahu County Chairman Bixby Ho said Monday much of the feedback he had received on Johanson’s switch was positive, though insiders said some member were upset Johanson was able to keep his seat on the House Finance Committee, rather than having that seat go to a more senior Democrat.

UPDATE: The meeting location has been set at the Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone Building (521 Ala Moana Blvd.),  2nd Floor Conference Room.


12 Responses to “Making his case”

  1. johnson:

    C'mon Mr. Ryan - don't hold back. Tell us how you *really* feel, okay?

  2. Ted Baker:

    Really, "Eric Ryan"? "Don't ask, don't tell"? "Beard"? Regardless of whether the Democrats want Johanson or not, it's clear why he would not want to be part of the party you envision. Seriously, did you spill the same bile on Lowell Kalapa?

  3. HIRA Loser:

    Though I think Aaron's party switch is extremely dishonorable (if we was going to switch, he should have done it BEFORE running to get elected by Republicans), Eric Ryan's consistent delusional state is entertaining.

    Ryan's best campaign? Hmm...I can't decide whether it was nut supreme Tom Berg, or the HIRA-favorite who lost the Congressional primary to guy living out of his van.

    Ryan's delusion is that there's an army of conservatives just waiting for the Pied Piper to come along with a multi-million dollar ad campaign (featuring Ryan's graphic design skills of course) so they can obtain their rightful place as the Conservative Majority.

    His time is better spent hacking the accounts of previous clients for ransom money.

  4. KanaHawaii:

    Hey Eric: Is the view pretty good from the cheap seats?

  5. Kolea:

    I would like to echo Eric Ryan's argument, though from a more thoughtful and humane perspective!

    ; )

    In my dealings with Aaron Johanson, I have found him to be a very decent and intelligent man. Someone is is both non-partisan and non-ideological in orientation. He wants to solve problems facing Hawaii's people and is willing to work with people of goodwill regardless of their label. IN significant ways, he was an "accidental Republican," as was Lingle in her early years.

    Eric believes the Republican Party will have more success if it becomes more ideological, more conservative. There is a wing in the local party which agrees with that approach. And they are present in the House Minority Caucus, where much of Johanson's time and energy as Minority Leader was spent trying to prevent them from doing damage, both to the party and to the state. Once the vote in the Minority Caucus was stalemated, it was obvious even if Aaron were to prevail temporarily, he faced an unpleasant two years trying to keep Bob McDermott under restraint and Gene Ward calm. And that prospect was not attractive.

    So let Eric Ryan provide strategic leadership over the Republican Party. Let McDermott fixate on whatever theatrical antics get him the facetime he craves from the TV cameras. And let's have Aaron's intelligence and common sense be better employed following the mission which caused him to seek elective office in the first place. Working with people of good will, regardless of party label, to give practical improvements to the lives of the people of Hawaii.

    This Democrat is very happy he wants to join us. I look forward to agreeing with him on some things, disagreeing on others, but with the civility I have come to appreciate from my dealings with him.

  6. Chicken Grease:

    Indeed. CINO. And LINO.

  7. KanaHawaii:

    Marcos X: Completely agree!

  8. Ted Baker:

    No pseudonym here, Mr. Ad Hominem!

  9. Gerald de Heer:

    That's right Eric, if someone disagrees, insult them. You have identified a problem. So, what is your solution? Are you attending the precinct caucuses? Are you running for party and/or political office? Or have you given up and resigned yourself to ranting here? "If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem" applies. If he were here, what would Reagan suggest? What would Churchill suggest? What are you going to do?

  10. Eric Ryan:

    Hit a nerve? Wrong dude, if you invoke Atomic Monkey. Time to spend more time doing your homework and less time in the Manila bathhouse.

  11. KanaHawaii:

    Gerald de Heer: That is exactly my question also about Mr. Ryan and his penchant for making observances and then insulting those who provide another point of view. People who choose to only listen to the voice inside the sound chamber of their mind need to understand that all they are hearing back is the echo of your voice.

    So, the question stands, whatcha going to do Ryan? Because all your doing right now is barking at the moon...and continually affirming the viewpoint of members of the Republican party that all they are is a bunch of whiny losers who complain about losing, but dont do anything to change.

  12. Chicken Grease:


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